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A Fresh Approach to Show Management Technology

CRM. Floor Plans. Exhibitor Portal. Contracts. Invoices. Payment Processing. And much more. It’s all there. No more grappling with multiple solutions, patch-worked together to appear “integrated.”

Introducing Ungerboeck for Exhibitions. It's powerful software that works the way you do. Not the other way around. Welcome to a better way.

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Data at Your Fingertips
With Ungerboeck, all the information that matters...

With Ungerboeck, all the information that matters to you is available anywhere, anytime, and exactly as you want it – all with real-time accuracy. Something only a fully unified solution can deliver!

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A Unified Database with Integrated Solutions
While there are standalone solutions for CRM...

While there are standalone solutions for CRM, floor plan management, and other core functions that are quite good, they are only partial solutions.

Before they can even begin to serve an organizer’s needs, they first must be made to work together. In other words, they must be integrated.

But the result is always a costly compromise since each of the component parts was created independent of the others.

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Don’t Settle for “Good Enough”
Individual software solutions are just that...

Individual software solutions are just that. To maximize productivity, your CRM needs to talk to your floor plan which needs to talk to your accounting software, and so on. Maybe they will get along. But odds are they won’t. And when they don’t, you’re left with a bunch of tools that kind of work.

You expect the best in everything else, why would you settle for anything less when it comes to your management software?

Key Benefits

Showcase Your Shows

  • Purpose-Built CRM

    The events industry’s leading CRM is at the core of every Ungerboeck platform.

  • Global Reach

    Any currency, any language, anywhere. Ungerboeck's got you covered. It’s no wonder Ungerboeck is in use in more than 50 countries (and counting)!

  • Integrate with Vendors

    Easy API for seamless integration with third-party solutions.


A Better Way Envisioned. A Better Way Delivered.

Ungerboeck for Exhibitions is exhibition management technology reimagined. It is a true enterprise solution designed from the ground up to deliver all the essential functionalities in one elegant, unified platform.

Ungerboeck for Exhibition & Trade Show Organizers

Whatever Your Needs, We’ve Got You Covered

Scalable solutions for exhibitions and trade shows of all sizes

D e l i v e r G r e a t C u s t o m e r S e r v i c e 2 4 / 7

With Ungerboeck’s Exhibitor Portal, organizers can make almost any task self-serviceable, while also exposing exhibitors to promotional opportunities and driving incremental income.

Exhibitors can submit space applications and booth preferences or even complete the entire purchase online – from selecting space to executing the contract and making payments.

But that’s not all. Organizers can provide exhibitors with a custom “Check List” to guide them through the many tasks that are required leading up to the event itself.

Exhibitor Portal Mobile

I f Y o u D o n t K n o w Y o u r N u m b e r s , Y o u D o n t K n o w Y o u r B u s i n e s s

Built-in reporting tools and data-rich dashboards provide crystal clear visibility into all key performance indicators. Having all data in one place eliminates the data gaps that occur when information is spread across multiple solutions.

With Ungerboeck, information managers rely on to make proper decisions is never more than a click or two away. Whatever information is needed, it’s always there in real-time.

Exhibitions Dashboard Reporting

F i n a n c i a l s Y o u C a n B a n k O n

Our integrated financials give your team access to real-time customer and financial information they need to produce quick and accurate reports, improve collections, drive sales and boost profits, and track and manage revenue. With the financial data at your fingertips, you also save time creating settlements.

Ungerboeck’s financial solution is ideally suited to the needs of event organizers. Plus, it’s audit-ready, GAAP-certified, and PCI PA-DSS compliant.

Finance System Integration

O u r C R M W a s M a d e f o r S h o w s

When it comes to CRM (customer relationship management) software, there are seemingly countless options to choose from, and some of them are very good.

But there's one reason we think Ungerboeck might be a better fit for your business: Our CRM was made for show organizers. From day one, it’s all we’ve ever thought about. So, it’s no wonder CRM is at the core of our platform. No one else can say that!

CRM Exhibitions

F l o o r P l a n M a n a g e m e n t M a d e E a s y

Ungerboeck’s floor plan management solution combines the power and precision of AutoCAD with ease-of-use features found in products like MS Office.

Ungerboeck simplifies the process of managing every aspect of your floor plans. Create, merge, combine, and reconfigure booths on the fly. Assigning space is a breeze – and contracts and invoices can be created and sent without even leaving the floor plan! All done via a precise but simple-to-use interface.

Exhibition floor plans

What Your Peers Are Saying

Life before Ungerboeck... It was very difficult.
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