Fairs & Fairgrounds

A Unified Software Solution for Fairs & Fairgrounds Management

Fair management isn’t for the faint of heart. There are sponsorships to secure, vendor applications to review, a floor plan to design – and that’s only the beginning. Once you get into selling stands and managing service orders, the real fun starts. Add in marketing, accounting and invoicing and the full scope of the job begins to emerge.

Now consider that on top of all this, most fairs are also responsible for the year-round maintenance and management of the fairground itself. Clearly, the task is Herculean. But fortunately, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve divine intervention.

Fair & Non-Fair Event Management

As the only single, unified software solution for booking, accounting and vendor management for fairs and non-fair events, Ungerboeck Software enables your organization to overcome the hurdles to independent success. With solutions that cover everything from booth sales to operations all the way to comprehensive financial tracking and reporting, Ungerboeck ties it all together to boost efficiency, organization and profits. 

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