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Booking, Accounting & Vendor Management Solutions for your Fair

Ungerboeck provides a holistic fair management software that will improve operational efficiency and bolster your bottom line by better tracking potential revenue for both your fair management & year-round operation.

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Fairs & Fairgrounds eBook

Download our free eBook and learn how Ungerboeck is helping fairs of all sizes seamlessly manage vendor bookings, fair planning & internal operations, all while helping to create a great fair experience for your customers.

Ungerboeck for Fairs and Showgrounds

A Unified Fairground Platform for All Seasons

Inspired by the need to manage fair and non-fair seasons better

S p a c e M a n a g e m e n t a t I t s F i n e s t

With Ungerboeck's variety of calendars, you are able to quickly analyze the events that are taking place at the fairgrounds and the spaces they occupy.

Ungerboeck can show many different formats of the calendar to match the differing needs of staff and potential clients.

Ungerboeck Event Calendar screen for fairs

M a k e M a n a g i n g V e n d o r s A B r e e z e

With Ungerboeck, you can communicate and work through the fair vendor management process entirely online. You read that right. From the application process, contract and document management, booth preference/placement all the way through the ordering of services is online. This frees you and your vendors to spend time on other aspects of your business.

Plus, the housing of historical data and communication tracking gives your staff the ability to better serve your customers year after year.

Ungerboeck Floor plan screen for fairs

L e a v e N o D e t a i l t o C h a n c e

When planning for your customers' events, details are the key to meeting customer expectations. Being able to manage the finest of details and plan accordingly goes a long way in the customer's experience at your venue.

Tracking small to large orders is not only streamlined in Ungerboeck but made very simple to manage. From A/V to Food and beverage and anything in between, Ungerboeck is the platform of choice for executing a successful event.

Ungerboeck Event portal screen for fairs

C u t T h r o u g h t h e D a t a t o G e t t h e A n s w e r s Y o u N e e d

You have questions and Ungerboeck's fair software can unlock the answers. Combine the power of capturing all your key event information in one place with Ungerboeck’s easy-to-use reporting tools and make informed decisions.

You will be empowering your staff with game-changing insight into your customers, events, operations and financial sustainability.

Ungerboeck Reporting screen for fairs

A c c o u n t i n g S o f t w a r e D e s i g n e d f o r F a i r s & S h o w g r o u n d s

More than any other accounting platform, Ungerboeck provides improved financial processes and reporting for the event business. Eliminate redundancy and the risk of error in data re-keying by fully unifying your revenue and expense management needs with the same system, used by your entire organization.

Ungerboeck also plays nice with third-party accounting software packages. With Ungerboeck's fair software, you can choose the ideal process and integration points between your events and finance systems.

Ungerboeck Financials screen for fairs

S o f t w a r e C o m p a t i b i l i t y I s K e y t o Y o u r S u c c e s s

Ungerboeck understands you may rely on existing ticketing, competition, signage, point of sales, finance software and more. For this reason, Ungerboeck provides a modern, scalable way to integrate with complementary platforms.

Using Ungerboeck's RESTful API's or Connect iPaaS you can digitally connect your processes and workflows and truly unite your various departments.

API & Technology Integrations

D e l i v e r t h e B e s t C u s t o m e r E x p e r i e n c e

With a long list of stakeholders involved in the events your fair or venue hosts, the Hub provides real-time access to the information they need to deliver their best customer experience. No more extra phone calls, searching through shared drives, or combing through email threads.

Quickly and easily view and report on deliverables or simply check when and where things are happening. The entire team working in sync makes every event a memorable experience for your customers.

Ungerboeck Hub screen for fairs

S e l l S p a c e Y e a r - R o u n d & H a n d l e V e n d o r C o n t r a c t s W i t h E a s e

Ungerboeck's CRM is the central place to manage the sales process for both your Fair vendors/concessionaires and any organization looking to rent out your space for a special event.

From managing a sales pipeline to forecasting potential revenue opportunities, Ungerboeck will track it all.

Ungerboeck CRM screen for fairs

R o o m D i a g r a m m i n g

Ungerboeck room diagramming functionality lets you create room configurations based on your space characteristics and event requirements. Layout changes are simple, accurate and performant. Easily visualize distances and foot traffic flow with precise measurements and make amendments as required.

Plus, with a single click you can review counts of each item placed against your orders and generate new orders so you can't overbook your inventory. Share the final layout with event planners and customers and save layout templates for future use.

Ungerboeck room diagrams for Fairs

What Your Peers Are Saying

Indiana State Fair Coliseum
Ungerboeck has the all-in-one package, and it was unanimous for us to choose Ungerboeck because of the software’s versatility and opportunity for growth.
Florida State Fair Authority
The bottom line is that Ungerboeck Software helps us be more profitable. We needed to have the system in place so that we didn’t leave money on the table and that we understood where we are at any point in time.
Minnesota State Fair
With a 322-acre facility to manage 365 days a year, we needed an event management tool that was robust and versatile. Ungerboeck software has been that, and more, for our organization.
Fairs & Event Management Software

Discover the Ungerboeck Advantage

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Common Questions

What does the Ungerboeck platform offer to fairs & showgrounds’ business model?

Running both your Fair as well as non-fair events is difficult. Ungerboeck is designed to let you do both with increased efficiency and organization.

What are the benefits of using Ungerboeck to power your fair activities and events?

Ungerboeck’s fair management platform provides a scalable solution for fairs and showgrounds for event vendor management from application to commission settlement through an online solution providing an experience that will exceed the expectations of your vendors, contractors and attendees.

What are the key features available in Ungerboeck fair management software?

Our streamlined software offers Online Space Booking, Vendor Management and Calendaring, Online Vendor Portal, Floor Plan and Booth Sales, Event Operations Management tools, seamless integrations to unite process and existing applications, Event & Vendor CRM, and Fairground Accounting & Reporting tools to help you manage both the peak season and off-season effortlessly.