Government & Local Councils

Government & Local Councils

Manage your space, while building more productive relationships

industries thumbnails 14 GovAndLocCouncManaging your meeting space, heritage buildings, outdoor fields and all of the resources around events is only half of your job. You also have to manage interdepartmental, sister city, and corporate relationships to make sure you’re meeting the needs of the people that make demands on your services, while striving to exceed their expectations. So many things happening at once, involving so many different people, can make getting a clear picture difficult.
As a government entity, you have to be certain that your information remains secure. Maintaining separate databases for your event management can create security holes and miscommunication. Ungerboeck Software can replace the multiple systems typically used for event and venue management.

Comprehensive and accurate government event management solutions

The power comes from uniting all of your event and venue operations in one, robust software solution. No more wasting time, jumping from one system to another to enter information. No more wasting time reconciling data and fixing data entry errors between systems. Achieve game-changing accuracy and efficiency by entering data once and having it instantly available across departments – even departments at remote locations.

Manage room and field booking, schedule both internal and third party services, catering, attendee registration, and maintain audit-ready financials all in one place. Get the insights you need at a glance on your screen, so you can proactively offer valuable services to your different audiences.

  • Provide one-stop conveniences: Event planners get more done faster when they can order both onsite and third-party services in one convenient place, from the rooms they need, to AV equipment, to catering, and more.
  • Leave nothing to chance with automatic updates: After an event is booked, any changes are made throughout the system, work orders and invoices are automatically updated so nothing falls through the cracks – meaning expertly executed events every single time.
  • Deliver information to attendees, wherever and whenever they want it: Our mobile offering lets event organizers offer interactive event information right on attendees’ mobile devices. You can even upsell and promote your community.
  • Integration: Naturally Ungerboeck Software can be configured to integrate with existing financial packages when replacement is not an option.
  • Get more of what you need, less of what you don’t – including added cost: In some cases, the financial software package you’re using costs the same as what you spend on your events software. By having both features in one system, you save by not having to purchase and support different software packages.
  • Work the way you want to work: Ungerboeck Software can be configured to the way you do business, from the language and terms you use, to the way an individual sets up his or her screen. That level of personalization increases productivity and improves employee satisfaction.

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