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Campus Event Management That Works

Whether hosting an academic symposium, an art exhibition, orientation, graduations, or a local event, task number one is providing the best possible campus experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni and your surrounding communities. That’s no small task especially in the face of rising expectations and shrinking budgets.

With Ungerboeck, your institution will have the tools to support both the campus’ broader mission as well as department-centric business needs. Freeing you up to do what you do best.

  • The University of British Columbia
  • Harvard University
  • Marquette University
  • Boston College
  • Duke University
  • University of Calgary
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Centralize Event Management
Centralized campus event management helps streamline...

Centralized campus event management helps streamline information flow across campus thereby empowering staff to be more efficient, so they can focus on their departmental objectives. It fosters the safe use of facilities in a way that complies with university safety regulations, advances campus data security and compliance, and provides meeting planners, schedulers of campus spaces, and campus partners the platform for optimizing resource utilization while keeping customer satisfaction levels high.

Discover how Ungerboeck will help your institution implement campus event management that makes sense for your college or university.

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New Paradigm of Security & Compliance
More than ever higher education institutions must...

More than ever higher education institutions must implement measures to protect their customers and visitors. Security includes both cybersecurity, but also the physical safety of your guests.

Today, venues are turning to Ungerboeck have peace of mind knowing their customers' data is managed in accordance with compliance standards like PCI, but also help centralize key information that can be used to keep guests safe.

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Redefine Conference Services
Events professionals who sell, coordinate, and plan...

Events professionals who sell, coordinate, and plan conferences and special events on campus have a unique challenge. Unlike venues with whom you compete, you must operate your conference services department within the confines of the institutional rules and policies that may conflict with your objectives.

With Ungerboeck, you can manage and report on your conference services department like its own business by digitally integrating the various stakeholders who come together to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Key Benefits

Set Your University Apart

  • Maximize Awareness, Safety & Security

    Centralize venue activity in one place and easily share with staff, contractors, police, EMS and more so everyone has visibility into what's happening.

  • Comply with Industry Standards

    Get peace of mind knowing customer information is protected, your business is PCI compliance and auditable.

  • Improve Workplace Satisfaction

    Make it simpler and more enjoyable for you and your staff to manage events, customers and collaborate.

Ungerboeck for Higher Education

A Complete University System that Works for You

Ensure your university events run smoothly and efficiently.

T h e R i g h t C R M f o r t h e J o b

With our purpose-built, events CRM, selling events into your campus could not be easier.

Manage meeting planner accounts and contact. Handle RFPs, phone conversations and emails. Stay on top of documents and proposals.

Quickly compare requests for the same date to determine which event best aligns with your campuses mission.

CRM Events

C a m p u s C a l e n d a r i n g A s Y o u L i k e I t

Your calendaring software is the command-center for your campus giving you insight into what is happening on campus and in your facilities.

With Ungerboeck, you can "personalize" calendars to what best suits how you use your spaces. In fact, each of your staff members can adapt the calendars to their unique needs.


R e g i s t r a t i o n I s A l l i n t h e D e t a i l s

Conferences. Camps. Courses. Seminars. Workshops. To provide the ideal customer experience, your registration software must understand the unique differences between each one.

From customer account management to check-in, Ungerboeck has the critical features help you efficiently and effectively manage your guests.


U n i f y C a t e r i n g & F o o d S e r v i c e s

Bolster customer service and eliminate redundancy by aligning in one system. That’s right. With Ungerboeck, your in-house or contracted catering team’s menus, orders and billing can be in the same system with venue sales, operations, catering, and finance.

Catering can easily collaborate with your department and customers to ensure everyone's aligned in delivering the best customer experience. You know… the way it should be.

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W h e n I n f o r m a t i o n F l o w s F r e e l y

The day-to-day operations of your events require all your stakeholders to have real-time access to information. With Ungerboeck, you can do away with the extra phone calls, fruitless shared drive searches, email inbox quests, and even unnecessary treks across campus.

Facility Services, Maintenance, and Sales. Box Office, IT, and Security. Team Operations, Executive Management, and even your partners. All stakeholders can quickly and easily view and report on their deliverables. Or they can take a look at when and where things are happening.

Event Operations

A c c o u n t i n g f o r H i g h e r E d

Fully unify your revenue and expense management within the same system used to manage your campus event operations. Eliminate redundancies and errors from data re-keying.

Required to use a third-party accounting software package? No problem. With Ungerboeck, choose the ideal process and integration points between your events and finance system.


C o m p a t i b i l i t y U n l o c k s S u c c e s s

We understand you rely on multiple technologies to run your campus. For this reason, we provide a modern, scalable way for partners and customers to integrate with complementary platforms.

Using Ungerboeck's RESTful API's or Connect iPaaS, you can digitally unite your processes and workflows to create seamless connectivity across the important applications you already use and trust.


What Your Peers Are Saying

With Ungerboeck, we have a modern system that manages multiple opportunities for data gathers, assists in providing better customer service, and delivers cost efficiencies.
Ungerboeck is a robust system that improves our efficiency as a team.
Ungerboeck’s ability to customize specific features for specific roles within our company has provided us with improved efficiency and streamlined communication across departments.
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