Hospitality & Special Event Spaces

Hospitality & Special Event Spaces

Put the focus on the customer & delivering flawless events.

industries thumbnails 08 HospitalityProfessional conferences, black tie dinners, receptions, sports and entertainment – really any celebration or gathering; the events you host have one thing in common, guests expect them to run smoothly. When your team is stretched thin, they aren’t able to offer the level of customer service your guests require. By putting all of your sales and event management into one, single airtight system, you eliminate duplicate data entry and unite teams across departments to deliver exceptional results every time for every customer.

Banquets/event centers

Customers choose your venue because you have a certain ambiance, and a reputation in the community. You’re known for delivering events that go above and beyond what’s expected. With the only customer relationship management that’s purpose-built specifically for events, Ungerboeck Software allows your staff to track event activity from initial phone call through final invoice and every single detail in between. With all customer and event information in a central database, your staff spends less time behind their desks tracking down details and more time making sales and executing superior events. With your CRM connected seamlessly to your event management software, every detail, even last minute changes to banquet event orders (BEOs), make it to the invoice, eliminating previously lost revenues.


With complete customer relationship management and sales, catering and operations, and top-of-the-line exhibitor management in one, seamless solution, only Ungerboeck Software lets you credibly unite teams to deliver superior service. Our solution is built from the ground up specifically for events to include the functionality you need without costly and time-consuming customization, or complex software interfaces. Simplify the banquet event order and management process, so your team has more time to focus on the tasks that impact the bottom line – making sales and building relationships. With all of your event management and execution details shared in a single system, everyone will know what’s supposed to happen and when, so nothing slips through the cracks – not even the tiniest detail. 

Special event spaces

You might have a mix of spaces that are used by very different groups for very different reasons. Ungerboeck Software is so flexible that you can configure it to your workflows, allowing you to meet the unique needs of your facility – and your customers – all in one, single airtight event management solution. No matter what facilities and services you offer, Ungerboeck Software can handle the sales, event reservations and booking, equipment tracking, catering – you name it!

Learn more about Ungerboeck’s hospitality & special event space software solutions.

Software Pricing

Ungerboeck Software can replace three or more of your software packages — room booking, CRM, facility maintenance, even financials – at a fraction of the cost. This translates to speed, lower error rates, less duplicate data entry, and reduced time hunting for information – giving you more time, visibility and control to really focus on things like utilization and increasing revenue. Learn more.

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