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Take Center Stage

Your mission is to serve as the artistic creative hub of your community.
Ungerboeck for Performing Arts gives you the time and tools to achieve it.

Our streamlined theatre management software for scheduling, special event management, communication, collaboration, and accounting puts your team on the same page. From events to operations and finance to management, you can focus on your true passion.

  • Adelaide Festival Centre
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center
  • Toronto Centre For The Arts
  • Salt Lake County Center For The Arts
  • Arts Centre Melbourne
  • Debartolo Performing Arts Center
  • Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
  • Mesa Arts Center
  • Kimmel Center For The Performing Arts
  • Portland'5 Centers For The Arts
  • Perth Theatre Trust
  • The Fabulous Fox Theater
  • Hobby Center
  • Old School Square
  • Blumenthal Performing Arts
  • York University
  • Symphony Space
  • Dubai Opera
Key Benefits

Amaze your Patrons and Your Staff

The level of data that is managed and how it is used will reshape the way patrons and staff experience your offerings

  • Integrate with Vendors

    Easily connect to data from other platforms and even see the data in Ungerboeck.

  • Ensure that the Show Goes On!

    Load in, rehearsal, sound check, doors open, curtain goes up. Wow your patrons and performers, all right on schedule.

  • Peace-of-Mind

    Robust data security and privacy controls protect you and your patron's information, and minimizes costly downtime for you.

PACs - Mosaic 1

6 Ovation-worthy Ways to Attract New Audiences

A free eBook on how theatres and performing arts centers are overcoming modern challenges to attracting patrons, donors, members, and subscribers.

Ungerboeck for Performing Arts

A Performing Arts Platform Worthy of Top Billing

All the tools to earn your events and performance to a standing ovation

A C a l e n d a r T h a t W o r k s F o r Y o u

The calendar is the heartbeat of your organization. Every performance or special event depends on it. Your calendaring software should keep pace.

With Ungerboeck, sales, event managers and technical directors can “personalize” their own calendars. All important event information is in one consistent and up-to-date location.

Look at the entire season. Or take an hour-by-hour view of your operation... no matter where you are in the season cycle.


E v e r y o n e i n H a r m o n y

It takes more than just one person to manage the day-to-day operations in your venues. You’ll often have many different stakeholders needing real-time access to information. Trying to find the right contact, searching through shared drives, or raking through emails only slows things down.

When everyone from your frontline team to floor managers to community partners and more is working off the same page, good things happen. Quickly and easily view and report on deliverables. Make simple checks on when and where things are happening. Provide a better experience by centralizing touchpoints and get the entire team working in sync.

EPP Planner Collaboration

A S m o o t h O p e r a t o r

Powerfully unite Back of House and Front of House operations. Enter information just once to make it immediately and accurately available to every user that needs it from the programming department to the box office.

Create a wonderful experience for your patrons because your entire team is aligned and each is armed with consistent information to make load in, set, rehearsals, performances, and load out all run smoothly.

Venue Operations Hub laptop

F i n a n c i a l s T h a t M a k e A c c o u n t a n t s H a p p y

Our integrated financials give your team access to real-time customer and financial information they need to produce quick and accurate reports, improve collections, drive sales and boost profits, and track and manage revenue. Save time creating settlements as a result of the financial data at your fingertips.


R e p o r t s T h a t L e a d t o A c t i o n a b l e I n s i g h t s

Built-in reporting tools and data-rich dashboards provide crystal clear visibility enabling you to make informed decisions. A single source of data ensures that actionable decisions are made from consistent and accurate data.

Track data for attendance, revenue, demographics, merchandise, and promoter to increase the health of your arts offerings.


M a n a g e P r o m o t e r s , A r t i s t s & P a r t n e r s

Beyond simple customer relationship management, Ungerboeck offers a purpose-built sales system for the performing arts industry. Don't let another sales opportunity get lost due to a process problem.

Optimize your sales force with a process that organizes and manages opportunities and follow-ups. With client, customer, and event history in the system, all your important data is at your fingertips.


What Your Peers Are Saying

By moving to the Ungerboeck cloud we reduced our workload by 60%.
Since adopting Ungerboeck, our knowledge of an event and our overall operations have improved because we have one reliable location to store all of our data: it’s brought everything into a place that’s easier to manage.
We are a complex operation—Ungerboeck is powerful enough to stay ahead of our needs. From booking to financials and multilevel reporting, the Ungerboeck platform helps us stay organized and engaged.
As complex as our operation is, and as fast as we are growing, we feel like we’ll never outgrow Ungerboeck.
The support you get when using Ungerboeck is fantastic, their Onboarding Specialists are there for you and your team every step of the way.

Discover the Ungerboeck Advantage

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