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Campus Event Management That Works

With Ungerboeck, your institution will have the software tools to support both the campus’ broader mission as well as department-centric business needs. Freeing you up to do what you do best.

Whether hosting an academic symposium, an art exhibition, orientation, graduations, or a local event, task number one is providing the best possible campus experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni and your surrounding communities. That’s no small task especially in the face of rising expectations and shrinking budgets.

  • The University of British Columbia
  • Harvard University
  • Marquette University
  • Boston College
  • Duke University
  • University of Calgary
  • Universität Wien
  • Northern Illinois University
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Integrate with Key Campus Systems

    Allow for seamless connectivity across the important applications you already use and trust.

  • Unite Departments for Safety and Security

    Centralize venue activity in one place and easily share with staff, contractors, police, security and more so everyone has visibility into what's happening.

  • Improve Workflow Efficiencies

    Eliminate rekeying information between multiple systems with live updates and mobile capabilities.

Ungerboeck for Higher Education

A Complete University System that Works for You

Ensure your university events run smoothly and efficiently.

G o A h e a d a n d B o o k O n l i n e

Turn your website into your most efficient event planner. Our online booking portal provides real time searching, conflict checking, room setup and equipment needs as well as secure online payment. Book university events from anywhere with both mobile and desktop experiences designed to make the process simple and fast.

Ungerboeck Online Space Booking screens for Universities Colleges

R e g i s t r a t i o n I s A l l i n t h e D e t a i l s

Conferences. Camps. Courses. Seminars. Workshops. To provide the ideal customer experience, your registration software must understand the unique differences between each one.

From customer account management to check-in, Ungerboeck has the critical features to help you efficiently and effectively manage your campus guests.

Ungerboeck Shopping Cart Registration screen for Universities Colleges

U n i f y C a t e r i n g & F o o d S e r v i c e s

Bolster customer service and eliminate redundancy by aligning in one system. That’s right. With Ungerboeck, your in-house or contracted catering team’s menus, orders and billing can be in the same system with venue sales, operations, catering, and finance.

Catering can easily collaborate with your department and customers to ensure everyone's aligned in delivering the best customer experience. You know… the way it should be.

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C a p t u r e A l l A s p e c t s o f t h e E v e n t

Guarantee your university events run smoothly from start to finish. Ungerboeck's function scheduling allow seamless communication between campus departments.

Rest assured that breaks, food deliveries, rooms and more are ready when you need them to be. Throw out the "what ifs" and trust the synchronization between staff and expectations.

Ungerboeck event planning screen for Universities Colleges

A P i e c e o f t h e P u z z l e

Your university relies on multiple systems for day-to-day operations. That's why we made sure Ungerboeck is compatible with a multitude of integrations. Ungerboeck provides add-ins for your campus applications like Learning Management Systems, SIS, Academic Scheduling, CRMs and much more. Our integrations allow for seamless connectivity across departments with the applications you already use and trust.

API & Technology Integrations

A c c o u n t i n g f o r H i g h e r E d

Fully unify your revenue and expense management within the same system used to manage your campus event operations. Eliminate redundancies and errors from data re-keying.

Required to use a third-party accounting software package? No problem. With Ungerboeck, choose the ideal process and integration points between your events and finance system.

Ungerboeck financial screen for Universities Colleges

M o b i l i z e Y o u r W o r k O r d e r s

Work orders contain all the information your operations staff need to perform their job, including special notes, documents and customer requests. Quickly denote what was actually delivered to customer. Transfer service overages to accounting for invoicing and final settlement. The simplified user interface contains all the utility needed to deliver work orders and capture the information-making this a powerful and necessary tool for your staff.

Ungerboeck Mobile Work Order screens for Universities Colleges

R o o m D i a g r a m m i n g

Create room configurations with Ungerboeck room diagramming solution based on your space characteristics and event requirements. Layout changes are simple, accurate and performant. Easily visualize distances with precise measurements and make amendments as required.

Plus, with a single click you can review counts of each item placed against your orders and generate new orders so you can't overbook your inventory. Share the final layout with customers and save layout templates for future use.

Room Diagramming Solutions

K e e p s t u d e n t s i n f o r m e d

Ungerboeck’s Digital Signage options will help keep event attendees up-to-date and engaged with important event information. Whether you have just a handful of displays that you need to display information from only Ungerboeck, or you need to pull Ungerboeck data into your existing signage system, we can provide solutions that simplify your processes and reduce your effort.

Product Digital Signage

What Your Peers Are Saying

With Ungerboeck, we have a modern system that manages multiple opportunities for gathering data, assists in providing better customer service, and delivers cost efficiencies.
Ungerboeck is a robust system that improves our efficiency as a team.
Ungerboeck allowed us to be more efficient by unifying our lead and sales tracking among our campus and outreach centers.
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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

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Common Questions

How does the Ungerboeck platform for campus activities and events work?

Ungerboeck provides comprehensive university event management software that will help you manage your college events and experiences with students, alumni, faculty, and staff across multiple departments.

What are the benefits of using Ungerboeck to power your university activities and events?

Ungerboeck is a centralized event management platform for universities that can consolidate your event details, allowing you to focus on your campus mission and departmental objectives. Plus, our event registration tool helps you manage critical guest information for both in-person and virtual conferences, camps, courses, seminars and workshops.

What are the key features available in Ungerboeck event management software for universities?

Our streamlined event management software for universities offers Online Space Booking, seamless class and course scheduling integrations to unite process and existing applications, day-to-day Event Operations management tools, Registrations, Events CRM, and Financials & Reporting functionalities to help you manage multiple departments, venues and events easily, while maximizing space utilization, and increasing engagement on campus.