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Top-line business measures at a glance.

Ungerboeck’s Dashboards align the executives, management and users to be focused on the same measures. Ungerboeck has created key features that will allow your organization to have more control of its business processes. Let us help streamline your business with quick access to pertinent information through visual elements.

Customize the data displayed

Dashboards are tailored to each user or role so the right people can see the right information. Some dashboards will be more tactical (activities, work orders, list of events) while others will be more strategic (KPIs, Gauges, Charts, Graphs). The great part is you get to decide!
Ungerboeck Dashboard reporting screen for Exhibition Tradeshows

Even More Features

  • KPIs

    Review performance figures with dynamic variables

  • Gauges

    Visually analyze pertinent data with quick access to details

  • Drill Down

    Evaluate goals with precise indicators

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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

Interested in finding out how you can create custom dashboards to keep relevant data and KPIs top of mind, tailored to every level of your organization, from C-Suite to Event Managers? Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo today.