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Digital Signage

A sign of good things to come for your venue communication.

Events are complicated and details change. Ungerboeck’s Digital Signage solutions can seamlessly unify your backend event details with your digital signage to safeguard against errors in your venue communications.

Digital signage

Ungerboeck Digital Signage

Let Ungerboeck simplify the process of sharing event details from Ungerboeck on digital displays throughout your event venue. Your team can easily determine which event details are important to display and our application will personalize the content with your branding. Reduce expenses and effort to get your displays up and running, quickly and efficiently. You won’t need expensive additional software, just leverage your existing internet-connected display hardware. Your IT team will also love the solution, as it provides an intuitive configuration allowing your event team to provide real-time, engaging content in just a few clicks! This solution is recommended for venues that simply need to show event information from Ungerboeck.

Digital Signage Data Feed

What if you already have established digital signage infrastructure but need to display information from Ungerboeck alongside information from other sources? Ungerboeck’s Digital Signage Feed option lets you unify your existing digital signage system with important venue and event information in Ungerboeck.  Plus, your team won’t need to maintain APIs and huge volumes of code. Our Ungerboeck Solutions team is here to help preconfigure data layouts to fit your existing solution and displays. When it’s event time, your team will generate a data feed output that is easily integrated with your existing digital signage software. This solution is recommended for larger venues that have a need to show both Ungerboeck and additional content sources, via third party signage software.

Key Features

  • Provide Clarity With Ease

    Remove friction and provide clarity. Effortless management for your team so they can provide guests with current venue information.

  • Single Source Of Truth

    Whether you have a handful of displays or need to pull Ungerboeck data into your existing signage solution, rest assured that your data will be accurate.

  • Seamless Integration

    Whether you are using the Digital Signage Managed Solution or the Digital Signage Feed, trust that your data will easily flow throughout your venue and provide the accuracy you expect.

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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

Looking for solutions to take the guess work out of your event and digital signage communications? Contact us today to find out how we can help digitally transform your event communications and minimize unnecessary errors.