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Event Planner Portal

One portal for all.

Communication is crucial to event planning. Collaboration is crucial to customer satisfaction. Streamline both with Ungerboeck’s Event Planner Portal.

The Portal is an online destination for true collaboration with your clients. No more tracking down emails. No more phone tag. No more missed messages. The Event Planner Portal elevates your customer experience because your customers can manage all communications and tasks in one place—share documents from proposals to contracts to room diagrams, manage tasks and review and pay invoices.

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Transparent Task Management

The Event Planner Portal not only corrals communications and file sharing, but also provides task management to keep everyone on track during the planning process. Create a checklist for your event clients and then set reminders to ensure the job gets done.

Complete Oversight with a Complete Schedule

The last thing you want is a client blindsided by space conflicts, timing errors or missing audio-visual equipment. Bring greater oversight to your co-planning efforts by displaying the event’s Function Schedule (created in your backend Ungerboeck application) within the Portal. Now your clients can have complete oversight to every function for their event – from move in and out times to catering requirements to setup instructions.

Bring it Home with Invoices and Payments

The event is planned and perfected. Why make your clients jump to another application to review invoices and another to make payments? The Event Planner Portal puts clients’ orders and invoices right next to their communication records and files for easy access. Plus, clients can even make payments in the Portal without switching to another system or website.

Seamless with Your Brand

We know your branding is an important part of your customer experience. The Event Planner Portal can be tailored to your brand colors to extend your branding. We also offer add-on design services to truly configure your Event Planner Portal to meet your full brand standards and create a seamless experience for your event clients.

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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

Communication is the key to every successful event! The Event Planner Portal is the hub for working with your clients to ensure they are informed and engaged throughout the process - from initial planning through invoicing. Contact us today to find out ways to stay connected.