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Exhibitor Portal

End-to-end exhibition management.

Ungerboeck’s Exhibitor Portal allows organizers to give exhibitors the ability to do more while giving you superior control. Booth application submission? Check. Catalog show guide management? Check. Task lists and notifications? Check. It’s all here in one intuitive online solution. With the Exhibitor Portal empowering exhibitors to do so much on their own, you can focus on building relationships and boosting your bottom line.

Lighten Your Load and Empower Exhibitors with Guided Self-Service

The Exhibitor Portal lets you lead exhibitors on a path that ensures they get the most out of your events, while also assuring your sales goals are met. Dynamic forms capture the information you need, and custom task lists lead exhibitors from exhibit space application to final payment. As the platform administrator, you decide the level of self-service by creating forms and task lists based on exhibitor category and other criteria you choose. Exhibitors will be delighted by the ease with which they can complete necessary tasks, and you’ll be delighted that your staff’s time is freed up to focus more time and energy on growing and enhancing the event itself.

Streamline Communication and Capitalize on Revenue Opportunities

The Exhibitor Portal centralizes information sharing between your team and your exhibitors. The Portal highlights deadlines and instructions, and collects key data and documents. Centralized information sharing minimizes time spent on back-and-forth communication. The Exhibitor Portal also maximizes the value of every sale you make. You can offer additional marketing and sponsorship opportunities that flow naturally based on each exhibitor’s choices. Presenting these options logically in the exhibit space contracting process increases exhibitor satisfaction and produces higher revenue.

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