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Exhibitor Service Center

Optimize your ordering experience.

Powered by Ungerboeck’s best-in-class venue management software and an easy, intuitive front-end design, Exhibitor Service Center is a specialized e-commerce product that rises to the challenges of exhibitor sales with style and functionality.


Increase the Volume & Value of Exhibitor Orders

If you want to increase high-value, online sales, it’s probably wise to model the ordering experience after the web’s most successful online store. Exhibitor Service Center presents items and offerings in the best possible light via a beautiful, branded website with a familiar, shopping experience. Recommended additions, related upgrades and bundled packages make up-sells easy and natural, while the ability to designate featured items draws attention to best-sellers and offerings with higher profit margins.

• Fully responsive design supports last-minute orders directly from the show floor

• Encourage stalled sales by reaching out to exhibitors who have not finalized their purchase

• Revive lost sales by reaching out to exhibitors who have abandoned their cart

Ungerbeock Exhibitor service center screen for exhibition corporations

Improve Communication with Exhibitors

Give your sales team the gift of time and they’ll pay it back in increased revenue. Exhibitor Service Center cuts down on time-intensive back and forth by providing easy access to important exhibitor information like deadlines for advance and standard pricing cutoffs, detailed item descriptions and downloadable instructions.

• Customizable gadgets for embedding maps, videos and images onto pages

• Clear-cut fields for special instructions

• Self-service access to account management and profile information

Streamline Communication with Operations

Cut confusion, end duplicate data entry and get everyone on the same page quickly and easily with real-time updates. Exhibitor Service Center seamlessly unifies account management, exhibitor records, invoicing, inventory and more because Work Orders are immediately available for all your teams.

• Drag and drop item placement in booth layouts

• Note fields to capture additional information or specific requests at POS

• Ability for exhibitors to request specific delivery pick up dates and times

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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

The Exhibitor Service Center is the first e-commerce solution of its kind for venues, which enables effortless digital interactions between venue sales, operations teams and exhibitors. Contact us today to find out how we can help streamline your ordering services.