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Mobile Work Orders

Cut the printer cord.

Are your operations staff juggling stacks of printed work orders? Are they waiting for someone to print the most updated list of orders? Are they losing time and client satisfaction with inaccurate order details? Are they struggling to collect delivery confirmations and reconcile actuals?

Ungerboeck is excited to help you cut the printer cord with our new Mobile Work Orders app.


Speedy Delivery with Immediate Access

Ungerboeck Mobile Work Orders pulls your order data straight from your Ungerboeck database. Your operations team will spend less time waiting for orders to print because the whole list is right in their hands. They’ll stay focused using the filter and sort tools to zero in on the orders they are responsible for.

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Satisfy Customers with Accurate Delivery and Easy Updates

Delivering incorrect items or quantities can rob precious time from your operations team and can negatively impact your customer relationships.

Mobile Work Orders puts the most accurate order details in-hand, so staff will spend less time rectifying delivery issues and more time servicing customers. They’ll also be able to update orders with additional items without having to call the office or head to a desk.

Record Proof of Delivery in a Flash with Picture and Signature Capture

Proof-of-delivery can be the difference between invoices paid on time and invoices stuck in a limbo of disagreement. Your operations team can reconcile items ordered vs. actual items delivered and snap photo proof and save it to the order at the time of delivery. They also can collect a client signature as delivery confirmation within the app—no need to scan a form later.

Reduce Rekeying with In-App Order Completion

With paper orders, your staff must painstakingly annotate as they go. Then someone has to translate those notes into real data in your database.

Mobile Work Orders gives you back time because the moment staff saves the completed order, the data transfers to your Ungerboeck database. This means you can issue accurate invoices and have the right information to answer customer questions or solve billing issues.

No more scanning signed documents and saving them. No more searching through notes or erroneously entering order updates at the end of the day.

Eliminate Revenue Leaks with Live Order Updating

When the operations staff delivers an extra microphone or adds a podium to a room, how often does that make it on to the invoice? Those revenue opportunities often get lost in the rush of event operations or in the shuffle of paper records.

With Ungerboeck Mobile Work Orders, additions and changes are recorded right from the floor and seamlessly update billing information in your Ungerboeck database.

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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

Contact us to schedule a live demo and find out more ways to boost efficiency with Ungerboeck Mobile Work Orders!