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Online Space Requests

Empower Customers with Self-Service Requests

Give your booking efforts a head start and elevate your customer experience with online self-service tools.

Ungerboeck's Online Space Requests portal transforms your booking and request process with an online self-service experience for your clients. This portal lets your event customers check venue and space availability, provide event details and submit booking requests quickly and easily – without having to wait in a phone queue.

All Your Events – All the Time

Never make that 3 AM customer wait until business hours again! The Online Space Requests portal is open for business 24/7 so you never miss out on an opportunity and your customer never has to wait to get the ball rolling. Automatic, customizable confirmation messages let your customers know what to expect next, no matter how late it is.

Your Events with Your Rules

Your venue hosts a range of event types, and Ungerboeck can accommodate all of them. The Online Space Requests portal is totally personalizable to your venue. You’ll configure the form fields for each event type, so your customers see only what you want them to and input only the data you need. You can also set business rules to manage the approvals process so the portal can book requested events as tentative on the calendar or as confirmed events with live orders.

Full-Service Requests

Ungerboeck’s Ordering add-on lets you take space request self-service to a new level by unifying space requests and ordering. You’ll be able to offer your inventory items (pulled from your Ungerboeck database) within the Requests portal. Your customers will be able to request all the equipment and catering they need for their event. You’ll be able to guide them to revenue boosting packages with configurable upselling and cross selling right in the portal.

Seamless Data Flow

No more flagging emails or hunting down phone messages. The Online Space Requests portal is fully unified with your backoffice Ungerboeck database, so you’ll never lose track of a request again. Once your customer submits their completed request, all the data will flow to your Ungerboeck database. You’ll have contact details, orders and event specifics all in one place. The flow works the other way too. The portal pulls live data from your Ungerboeck backoffice database so potential customers see only the inventory you have to hand and the most up-to-date prices and policies.

Refocus on Service

Capturing all the basic details of an event can be tedious and time consuming, especially when it requires multiple emails or lengthy phone calls. Ungerboeck’s Online Space Reservations portal cuts the time to capture customer information and event basics. Your staff will spend more time with clients addressing the deeper, revenue-building details and providing top-level service.

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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

Self-service tools let you stand out to your customers. Elevate their experience with a unified process that guides them to craft a complete event request from space selection to catering and A/V ordering. Contact us today to find out how to digitally transform your request process