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Ungerboeck Payments

Accelerate Growth with a Complete Payment Solution from the Global Event Experts

Seamless payment experiences for customers. Exceptional support for you. Ungerboeck Payments is the only end-to-end payment solution designed for events businesses, and the easiest way to accept payments within Ungerboeck software.

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Fully Integrated

Simplify your payments.

Ungerboeck Payments has everything you need to accept electronic payments including a payment gateway and merchant account. A native solution, it works seamlessly with your Ungerboeck software and is rigorously tested to ensure maximum availability.

Optimized Payment Experiences

Greater revenue from better payment acceptance.

Payment forms are optimized for usability with easy navigation, tool tips, error messages, and dynamic content. We reduce payment errors so you can get paid faster.

  • Compliance & Security

    Protect your business and your customers.

    Ungerboeck Payments is a PCI Level 1 certified solution. Sensitive account information is always tokenized, and features like 3D Secure and ACH Account Validation support compliance with local requirements.

  • End-to-End Support

    Avoid payment processing disruptions.

    Support tickets are rapidly worked to resolution without needing coordination with a third party. When new payment methods or security best practices emerge, you have a payments partner than can help you develop an action plan.

  • Real-Time Visibility

    Know the status of every payment.

    Manage cashflow and provide better customer support with access to detailed payment statuses. With Ungerboeck Payments, you’ll always know which transactions have settled and why certain payments have failed.

Global Payment Methods

Delight your customers and your accounting team.

Offer the payment methods your customers prefer including cards, wallets, direct debits, and more. Enabling a payment method is as simple as a click. All payment methods are grouped in a single deposit to your bank account for easy reconciliation.

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Automated Reconciliation

Eliminate manual processes and data errors.

With each payout from Ungerboeck Payments, Ungerboeck automatically creates a cash batch and cash book deposit. No more comparing payment gateway reports with Ungerboeck data and researching variances.

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Is Ungerboeck Payments a gateway?

Yes, and more. Ungerboeck Payments includes everything you need to accept electronic payments in a single payment account. Customers do not need to manage an account with an external payment gateway, processor, or merchant account provider.

How is Ungerboeck Payments different from other payment solutions?

Generic payment gateways generally are not updated regularly, are rarely designed to handle the unique needs of specialized industries, and never built with specific software solutions in mind. Ungerboeck Payments is a modern solution created specifically for the global venues and event organizers that use Ungerboeck software to manage their business.

Why are electronic payments important?

Electronic payments are a critical tool for optimizing accounts receivable processes. Customers that encourage electronic payments typically gain more repeat customers, have shorter collection periods, and spend less time managing manual processes and correcting data errors.

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See How It Works

Get a live demo from a payments expert and learn what Ungerboeck Payments can do for your organization.