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Registration Check-In

Streamline the check-in line.

Check-in can be a frenzied experience, even at the most tightly organized events. On-site efficiency is crucial to ensure good first impressions. Long lines, clumsy software and shaky connectivity can make attendees think twice about a return visit.

Registration Check-in shouldn't be a complicated process!

Ungerboeck's Registration Check-In App

Create an easy check-in process that works for your business. The web-based app is configurable as either a staff-run process or an attendee self-service kiosk. Registration Check-In provides a streamlined check-in process that’s reliable even with limited internet connectivity.

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Flexible Modes to Exceed Expectations

The web-based app lets you choose a staff-run check-in, self-service kiosks or even a combination to suit your resources and your attendee expectations. The easy-to-use app will cut turn-around times to keep attendees moving in a staffed check-in.

In self-service mode, attendees just walk up, find their registration record and click through to badge printing. There are even admin tools within the self-service mode so your staff can jump in to help resolve any check-in issues.

The convenience of self-service kiosks boosts your attendees’ first impressions but also reduces your check-in staffing needs.

Exceptional Insight into Attendee Behavior

Ungerboeck’s Registration Check-In App includes Session Check-In so you can gain deeper insight into attendee behavior. Attendees can check in to individual sessions—whether you have them pre-register or allow on-the-fly session attendance. The Check-In App also provides a check-out feature.

Session Check-In/Out gives you the data to get the fullest picture of attendee behavior: who chose which sessions, how many sessions did most people attend, how long they stayed, and which sessions reached capacity as well as the ones that did not.

No Data Lost

Lost your WiFi signal in the middle of a registration check-in? Don’t panic! Other solutions might make you totally restart the check-in process when the app loses connectivity. Most won’t work at all offline.

Only Ungerboeck’s Registration Check-In apps (both web and mobile) have an offline mode. The apps continuously sync with your Ungerboeck database whenever a connection is available. Your event can keep moving even if your connection stops.

Mobile Add-On

You can take your Registration Check-In solution to the next level with our Mobile Add-On.

The Mobile App has all the benefits of the web-based app, like Session Check-In/Out, but allows even faster check-ins and increased security features.

Unique QR codes tie to an attendee’s credentials ensuring only authorized access to your event. You can even attach a photo of the attendee to their stored credentials for an added layer of verification.

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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

Contact us to find out more ways you can keep the process seamless for your attendees while capturing the valuable data and insights you need.