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Session Proposals

Seamless Speaker Submission

Session Proposals simplifies the submission and evaluation processes with a modern and intuitive online portal.

No more tracking down emails, misplacing files, or missing messages. Instantly collect, review, and approve proposals in one central platform.

Line Up Trend-Setting Speakers

The submissions dashboard makes it easy to set up online requests for presentations by letting speakers directly submit their own proposals. Collect all relevant information, from topic abstracts and supporting documents to speaker bios and photos.

After the proposal is submitted, speakers will receive automatic emails about their proposal’s status. Speakers can also check the status of their submission by visiting the dashboard.

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Regulate the Review Process

The evaluator’s dashboard lets you review all submissions in one place. Easily evaluate proposals based on criteria you set ahead of time and enter notes to collect your thoughts as you narrow them down. Filter by status, topic, and presentation type for at-a-glance progress and assessment. You can also set up automatic emails requesting new evaluations, re-evaluations, and updates to proposals.

Collect and Track Every Detail

The manager’s dashboard allows you to assign evaluators, review the evaluators’ thoughts, and approve or reject proposals. You can also contact event organizers and/or potential speakers with automatic emails informing them when evaluations are complete.

Set Up a Stellar Event

Once you’ve approved a proposal, start building your event program by assigning them to sessions. The session proposal title becomes the session abstract title so that everything stays organized.

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Discover the Ungerboeck Advantage

Explore more ways to enhance your event content using Sessions Proposals by scheduling a live demo or contacting one of our experts.