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Ungerboeck Hub

Unlock event information for your entire operations team.

Communication is crucial to event execution. With all the moving parts, making sure the key operational stakeholders have all of the up-to-the-minute details is paramount to executing a flawless and successful event.

Ungerboeck Hub is the central repository for all of your venue’s event details. It provides your internal and infrequent users with a detailed view of an event’s time-based functions, ready access to documents and notes. Important event instructions and critical details are upfront and visible to the operations team. Plus, key event contacts are at your fingertips. It all comes together to help you provide an engaged staff and happy customers.

Feature Highlights

  • High Level Event Details

    The "who, what, when and where" of the event, at a glance.

  • Functions

    Time-based breakdown of important event functions.

  • Notes

    Communicate the critical details of your events, via notes, to ensure proper execution.

  • Services

    See an overview of all services for the event.

  • Documents

    Share catering menus, setup specifications, and other pertinent documents.

  • Contacts

    Always know who to contact, internally or externally, and how to get in touch with them.

  • And More

    See the Premium and Custom options for additional features that can be added to your organization's implementation of Ungerboeck Hub.

  • Filterable Event Calendar

  • Event Details

  • Event Search

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