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integrating exhibition experience

Integrating Your Exhibition Experience

All exhibitions have the same end-goal: to be as successful as possible. How do you gauge that success? Your sales and marketing efforts must be seamlessly integrated in order to make this a possibility. The focus of any event should be the experience; the exhibitors and the attendees will come away with more if the exhibition is something that resonates to create a lasting impression.
event business processes

Work Smarter, Not Harder

There are common patterns in the business processes of the most successful event organizers and organizations in the events business and we’re in a unique position to be able to spot them and help you learn from their example. What follows are what we’ve discovered are the best possible ways to successfully run an event-based business for the least possible effort, time and money.
hacking exhibition bottom line

Hacking The Exhibition Bottom Line

In this E-Book we will introduce hacks for trade show, exhibition and conference industries that will enhance the exhibition experience, immerse attendees in the event, improve sales team performance, and uncover new ways to growth revenue. These hacks all work synergistically together to create a more immersive and dynamic experience for all of your event’s stakeholders.

Filling The Dark Days

Find a whole mess of great ideas to help you generate new revenue streams, decrease dark days and boost the bottom line.

Bill What You Sold

Stop letting revenue leaks drain away your profits.

Big Data Demystified

Don’t let a buzzword get the best of you! Start making sense of the data you already have.
10 myths of event venue software

10 Myths of Event Venue Software

As your events change and grow, so do your software needs. Where do you go if you’ve outgrown spreadsheets and simple booking calendars? Download our free E-Book and learn about ten myths of event venue software and common misperceptions that venues have about evaluating a software purchase.

Grow your success! 6 strategies for stand-out venues

How can venues find new ways to maximize the utilization of their spaces and increase profits? Download our e-book and learn about 6 strategies for stand-out venues that are eager to grow their success.
7 reasons why investing in an integrated financial software solution pays off

How integrated financials help event professionals achieve success

Read our E-Book and learn why investing in all-in-one event management software with integrated financials pays off.

14 ways to keep events live 365

Download our free E-Book “14 Ways to Keep Events Live” and learn how to engage attendees before, during, and after your event, and read about strategies for tapping into social networks or creating relevant schedules.

Bringing events to life on the web

This E-Book walks you through what a great event website looks like to an attendee, exhibitor, sponsor or speaker.



El Centro Internacional de Conferencias en Ginebra, Suiza, maneja exitosamente los eventos de diferentes tamaños y alcance en un medio ambiente de múltiples organizaciones con el Software de Ungerboeck.


El calendario de reservas de Ungerboeck y el sistema de manejo de documentos le ayudan al Centro Cívico de Mayo, en Minnesota, Estados Unidos.


La Oficina de Convenciones de Burdeos en Gironda, Francia, optimiza su mercadeo de destinos y aumenta el número de oportunidades utilizando el Software de Ungerboeck.


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