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The Most Comprehensive Event Booking Calendar Available

The Ungerboeck event booking calendar provides a comprehensive solution to all bookings in your venue. The event booking calendar displays important event information in views that are easy to access, update, and understand. Thanks to this high degree of visibility, and the dynamic features that can only be found in Ungerboeck, you can better maximize utilization and easily avoid any conflicts or double-bookings.

A single venue booking calendar should do more than keep track of events. It should provide information and safeguards that help your team communicate better and empower them to avoid mistakes. Many of our clients are able to prevent unnecessary overtime, avoid refunds due to mistakes, and improve their organization's communication from the moment our calendar is deployed. You can join them. Click to see a demo today.

event booking calendar - venue booking calendar


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Gain Insight Into What's Really Going On

Ungerboeck's graphical event booking calendar allows you to visualize what's going on inside of your venue or event spaces quickly and easily. Booking couldn't be easier, and the information is easy to understand because it is laid out in a way that everyone can understand.

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Access information quickly

No more waiting. Ungerboeck is synchronized across departments and devices; making it easy for anyone to check availability.

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Personalize the calendar to your business

Ungerboeck has over 40,000 users currently utilizing our event booking calendar. Those customers come in different shapes and sizes. Our software is designed so that you can personalize features, functions, and terminology inside of the system using our simple dictionary. This means your calendar will be easily understood by the stakeholders in your business that use it.


Confirm your bookings

Our system helps you ensure that all event stakeholders are notified of new events, event changes, and other critical information in real-time. No more stress due to unexpected event changes. Our confirmation booking features make this a thing of the past.


Go ahead and book online

Our smart system allows for online booking. This helps you create a better experience for staff and customers.

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Let everyone know about specific information

Tired of sending Word documents, spreadsheets, and text messages? Use Ungerboeck to deliver important messages and changes to stakeholders using the connected features inside of Ungerboeck.

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El Centro Internacional de Conferencias en Ginebra, Suiza, maneja exitosamente los eventos de diferentes tamaños y alcance en un medio ambiente de múltiples organizaciones con el Software de Ungerboeck.


El calendario de reservas de Ungerboeck y el sistema de manejo de documentos le ayudan al Centro Cívico de Mayo, en Minnesota, Estados Unidos.


La Oficina de Convenciones de Burdeos en Gironda, Francia, optimiza su mercadeo de destinos y aumenta el número de oportunidades utilizando el Software de Ungerboeck.


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