White Paper: Mastering the Exhibition Journey

White Paper: Mastering the Exhibition Journey 

How top venues are using technology to succeed featuring insight on RAI Amsterdam's approach.

Download a copy of our most recent white paper that outlines the customer journey in the exhibition industry. 



Accelerate Your Sales Success

White Paper: Accelerate Your Sales Success

salessuccessIn today’s world, venues need to be more flexible than ever. Demanding clients, international competition, spontaneous bookings and instabilities make it especially hard to sell spaces and ensure the profitability of a conference or convention centre. This sales white paper looks at how venues should think about...

  • Clever data management
  • Strategic customer acquisition 
  • Designing a well-constructed sales pipeline
  • Creating consistent sales proposals

Venue managers that constantly plan ahead are the winners. A consistent, long-term CRM and sales strategy helps venues to get a structured overview on their sales success and always be one step ahead of their competitors.

Download a copy of our most recent white paper that outlines just how venues can best utilize a CRM system to improve their sales processes.

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(PT) Good to Great: How all-in-one software transforms organizations and customer experiences

The Venues Best Practices Checklist

The Venues Best Practices Checklist

venues best practices checklistHow many venues operate today the same as they did 30 years ago? How many modern venues are operating with the efficiency of veteran organizations? As systems and processes naturally develop, they require more and more feedback. If you’ve been using the same system for a long time — or are still trying to find the right mix of systems and practices — it’s worth evaluating what top venues are doing in their organizations to achieve success.

  • Review best practices of top venues similar to yours
  • Understand how to streamline communication
  • See how venues are reducing costs
  • Understand best practices for reporting

These best practices synergistically work together to help organizations create a more immersive and dynamic experience for customers. Ultimately, this white paper should help your business better understand what can be done to improve communication, reduce costs, and optimize space utilization.

All of this in more is contained in this venue checklist. Every venue could benefit from going through this checklist to ensure their venue is operating with maximum efficiency. Some of the tips in this white paper could not be easier to implement. Download the white paper now using the form below.

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Faça mais – Melhorias de Produtividade Ungerboeck (Em Inglês)

Leia sobre os avanços em produtividade incluídos na última versão do Ungerboeck Software.

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VenuesSuccess Story

Boise Centre Thrives

Using best practices to make good decisions

"We saved about 4,000 man-hours per year since adopting the system."


Events White Paper

Why "one-size-fits-all CRM" Doesn't Work for Event Organizers

A key component to easier workflows, better customer relationships, and increased sales.

Venues Success Story

DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Supporting the university mission to offer performing arts experiences and education.

VenuesWhite Paper

Venue Study: A Deep Dive Into Venue Success

Ever wonder what the top event venues do to increase space utilization, drive new revenue growth, and implement best practices? We did too. Find answers in this comprehensive study.

VenuesBuyer's Guide

Buyer’s Guide for Event Venue Managers

Using best practices to make good decisions

DMOSuccess Story

German Convention Bureau

From marketing to membership management, the German Convention Bureau finds an all-in-one-solution with Ungerboeck.

"We are a complex operation -- Ungerboeck Software is powerful enough to stay ahead of our needs. From booking to financials and multi-level reporting, the Ungerboeck platform helps us stay organized and engaged."


Venues Sucess Story

Duke University Success Story

“There were the modules that seemed to hit all the buttons we were looking for, the thing that differentiated Ungerboeck was the strength of the fi nancial piece.”

Events Success Story

Growing exhibition center improves efficiency and customer communication

Exhibitions Sucess Stories

INTERPLAN Success Story

Exhibitions Buyer's Guide

Buyer’s Guide for Exhibition Organizers

Using best practices to make good decisions

Venues White Paper

ROI of Integrated Event Management Software Systems



El Centro Internacional de Conferencias en Ginebra, Suiza, maneja exitosamente los eventos de diferentes tamaños y alcance en un medio ambiente de múltiples organizaciones con el Software de Ungerboeck.


El calendario de reservas de Ungerboeck y el sistema de manejo de documentos le ayudan al Centro Cívico de Mayo, en Minnesota, Estados Unidos.


La Oficina de Convenciones de Burdeos en Gironda, Francia, optimiza su mercadeo de destinos y aumenta el número de oportunidades utilizando el Software de Ungerboeck.


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