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Suite Management

Suite Management

In the last 25 years, 75 percent of sports teams worldwide have either built or remodeled their venues. What is the driving factor for the construction and renovation? Luxury suite additions. Ensuring these luxury suites continue to be a valuable asset and an ongoing revenue stream for venues is a top priority.

Ungerboeck’s Suite Management provides an easy-to-use, unified ordering & communication experience for suite owners. In addition, this digital product provides the ability for the venue to manage the suite inventory and the venue-suite owner relationship more effectively.

Mobile Work Orders

Are your operations staff juggling stacks of printed Work Orders? Are they waiting for someone to print the most updated list of Orders? Are they losing time and client satisfaction with inaccurate Order details? Are they struggling to collect delivery confirmations and reconcile actuals?

Ungerboeck is excited to help you cut the printer cord with our new Mobile Work Orders App. Mobile Work Orders is designed to boost efficiency and recover revenue by providing everything your operations staff need to update and complete Work Orders on-the-move within the app.

Mobile Work Order Management

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Server crashes. Hacking. Data loss. Non-compliance fines. These are just a few of the nightmares your IT staff works hard to prevent. It’s an ever-changing race to stay on top of the latest security, compliance and continuity measures. It’s also a resource-heavy endeavor that can overburden your organization. But it doesn’t have to be. Ungerboeck Software offers Cloud Hosting Services that can significantly lessen your organization’s assumed risks and increase the capacity of your internal IT team.


Credit Card

Using CyberSource 1 for credit card transactions is no longer supported. Please contact Client Care if you need assistance with upgrading to CyberSource 2.

Using PayPal 1 and TrustCommerce 1 for credit card processing is no longer supported. No changes should be needed to move to the latest versions but please be sure to include testing of credit card payments if you were using these providers.

SQL Server

HTTPS will be required for v20, v30 and public facing sites (excluding iEBMS) in 20.94 and higher.

In order to upgrade to 20.94, you must be on Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or higher. The upgrade process will not run if a version prior to the requirement is detected.

Deprecated v19
Messages & Options

In various areas of v20, we would show a blue informational message informing the user to use v19 if they needed a certain feature. These blue informational messages have been removed in 20.94.

In 20.94, we have removed multiple v19 options from v20. We have limited this to options that we feel have been fully replaced. With each future release, more v19 options will be removed.


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