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v.97 Release

Improving Customer Experience:
Mobile, Self-Service, and Digital Focus


Innovative Products

Room Diagrams

Give your event manager a unified and consistent experience. Create fully integrated seating arrangements, using your own setups with space layout templates adjustable for each event. Streamline order creation from your room diagrams, ensuring consistency between diagrams and orders. Create or import room configurations and add a library of items, such as tables, chairs, and symbols. Implement room-specific layouts and multiple layouts per room and per event.

Room Diagramming Solutions

Operations Tasks

Provide your venue staff with a mobile checklist of actionable items to more easily account for and report on both daily and event-based activities.

Real-time capture of your team’s daily progress will ensure greater accountability towards venue cleaning, room inspection, or facility maintenance initiatives. Operations Tasks supports tasks at the event level, but as well as Non-Event tasks and Non-Event Recurring Tasks such as daily cleaning, and Function Tasks.

Operations Task mockup lo

Accounts Payable Automation

Use AI to automate supplier invoice processing.

Ensure accuracy and reduce time spent on data entry with Accounts Payable automation. Use AI to organize supplier invoices and create a digital paper trail. Simplify payable processes by empowering end users to manage invoice annotations themselves. Plus, a complete document audit trail allows you to go completely paperless.

AP Automation
New Features
Ungerboeck Phone

Put the power of Ungerboeck right in the palm of your hand. Designed specifically for a phone, this new experience makes it quick and easy to get to the information you are looking for. Ungerboeck Phone is available for Venues, Exhibitions, and Event Organizers.

Drag & Drop Documents

It is now possible to drag and drop documents into a documents section.

Redesigned Home Page

The Home Page has been redesigned in v.97. Instead of a drop-down to select your dashboard, they are now listed across the top of the page so you can quickly switch between them. You can view up to five dashboards before they are listed in a spillover menu. Due to this change, users will be prompted to select the dashboards they wish to display when they first sign in. A welcome message as well as the user's photo will also appear at the top. The photo comes from the user’s personnel account.

Sales Goals

Use Sales Goals to track performance against goals for your organization, specific departments, teams, or individuals. Goals can be filtered by calendar year, quarter, month, or week, as well as fiscal year, quarter, and period. Review your progress as soon as you log in by placing goals on your main Ungerboeck dashboard. Sales Goals offers a wide variety of categories to measure.

Dashboard Reports as Gadget Actions

Dashboard reports, such as charts and KPIs, can now be added to Action Button gadgets along with action buttons. This allows reports that are not frequently used to be accessed when needed without taking up space on the dashboard itself.

Data Labels, Trend Line and Secondary Axis

Dashboard reporting has been enhanced. Dashboard chart gadgets can now show data labels and trend lines. It is also now possible to define columns to be tracked against a secondary axis.

Multi-Select Status Filter In Events

The Statuses field is now available as a filter in the Events master window. It is a multi-select dropdown filter field for event status, instead of the existing status range field.

Template Documents Linked to Email Templates

A document template can now be linked to an email template. When the email template is used, the linked documents will automatically be attached to the Send Email page. Please note that the following public-facing applications will send template documents if the email template selected has them attached: Event Portal, Online Space Bookings, and Session Proposals. To link a template document to an email template, go to the new tab / section, Template Documents.

Expense Reports

Automate employee export tracking and reimbursements.

Expense Reporting is a configurable solution integrated directly into your staff’s Ungerboeck workflows. It helps ensure compliance and transparency over employee expenses by simplifying the overall reporting process. Staff doesn’t need to juggle multiple platforms or resort to manual reporting anymore. With Expense Reporting, employees can easily create their expense reports and tie them back to events, automatically kicking off approval processes and more.

Event Season and Series

Event Season, Event Series, and Event Series Sequence are new fields available on Events that tie related events together for managing and reporting. Event Season and Series are configured in corresponding master tables with the ability to connect a Series to a Season. These fields may be populated on an on-off basis or via edit multiple events. Each can be shown for enhanced reporting on a variety of event, booking, and order windows.

Calendar of Bookings

A new monthly Calendar of Bookings has been added with similar functionality to the current Event Calendar. The main difference is the display of bookings vs. events. Calendar of Bookings capabilities include filtering by space and other event attributes, display of booking and events details, and the ability to show and export up to 12 months at a time.

Enhanced Space Details Page

In Online Space Booking (OSB), the Space Details flyout has been converted to its own page. Multiple main images can now be configured on spaces and shown in an expandable image carousel on Space Details. Setup images are also now expandable.

Time Selection Increments

Online Space Bookings (OSB) now has the option of specifying time increments for entry, and for selecting, searching, and booking start/end times. Options are: Exact time / 15 minutes / 30 minutes / 1 hour. This is controlled by the Time Selection field on the OSB configuration.

Request to Cancel Events

Online Space Bookings (OSB) now has the option to allow a request to cancel the event.

If configured, a user can submit a request to cancel their previous submitted event on the My Events page. They can provide a reason which gets entered as a note on the event. Note this is not a full cancellation of the event and all booking, functions, orders, etc.

Order Processing in Event Portal

The Event Portal has a new add-on that allows order processing off of the function schedule. Click on the function you want to add orders to, and it will walk you through ordering. A cart has been added to the Event Portal so that you can check out immediately or pay later.

Expansion of Operations Suite

Simplify inventory management.

Mobile Inventory makes it easy to track item usage and costs, plus improve inventory control when issuing to events and departments. Cut back on time spent doing physical inventory counts and locating items by easily transferring inventory between locations. A simple check-in/check-out process increases accountability for equipment, and boosts accuracy when performing stock takes.

Redesigned Exhibitor Page

The exhibitor page in Show Map has been redesigned to hold more information. The exhibitor can showcase:

1. Name, Bio, Contact Info

2. Logo

3. Social Media Links

4. Product Images

5. Product Videos

6. Product Documents

7. In-Booth Events

8. Contact Cards

All this information can be collected via the Exhibitor Portal. It is stored on the Exhibitor and can be displayed in Show Map.

Add Exhibitor Contacts To Campaigns From Exhibitor List

Users can now add exhibitor contacts to campaigns from exhibitors. This enhances the existing functionality by adding exhibitors to new or existing campaigns where users can select each of the exhibitor contact types and add all selected contacts to the campaign.

Share Documents Instantly with Exhibitors

Easily share any document(s) with the exhibitor in the Exhibitor Portal. This can be set up for any existing document on the exhibitor as well as any new document that could be auto created. This is useful with auto generated confirmation documents like reports. The Exhibitor Portal has been enhanced to allow setting a default document category on auto generated documents so they can be instantly shared with all contacts for that exhibiting company.

Multi-User Support

The real-time multi-user functionality in Exhibition Floor Plan has been enhanced. There is no longer a

second server required, and now the multi-user communication functionality is inside the floor plan application.

New Member Concept

A new member concept has been introduced in v.97 which is not transactional. Member options and information are handled separately from accounts CRM, but linked to them. Individual and Group Membership are supported. Membership Managers can now create their installment cycles. Standing orders are not used anymore; orders are created per installment. With Membership Types, we leverage the process on initial configuration and allow assigning multiple member types to an account. Each legacy membership window and all features have been renamed to include the descriptor "Legacy."

Registration Capacities

The capacity settings now allow for greater control and ease of use when setting capacities and waitlists for unlimited or limited. For all Maximum Capacity fields (Event, Registrant Type, Registration Function, and Merchandise) you will now see a dropdown with these options: Limited or Unlimited. For all Waitlist Maximum Capacity fields (Event, Registrant Type, Registration Function, and Merchandise) you will now see a dropdown with these options: Limited, Unlimited, and No Waitlist.

Automatic Sign Out

Registration now has the ability to automatically sign someone out after they have completed their registration. This new ability will

provide assurance to registration providers for walk-up or on-site registration.

Transportation Information

You can now collect arrival and departure transportation information for registrants in public registration.


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