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3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Event Management Professionals

3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Event Management Professionals

It’s no news to you that event professionals have stressful jobs, right? But how much do you know about cloud computing and the way it can minimise stress in event managers’ lives?

The truth is, successful event professionals are very quick, flexible and excellent at coping with stress. But the secret to their success also lies in the technology they use: Cloud computing gives event professionals the flexibility they need. Want to know how?

Here's a quick overview on the most important benefits of the cloud for event professionals.

3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Eventprofs

1. Permanent Connection and Accessibility

The daily work routine of many people starts by logging in to their computers and opening their e-mails, spreadsheets, or event software. Whenever something goes wrong, there's IT staff that may help.

The event industry, however, has a different rhythm. Event managers usually do not sit in front of their PC’s from 9 to 5. Being on-site, spending time with clients or travelling – these are only a few things that form a huge part of event professionals' jobs. As a consequence, permanent accessibility to client and event data is essential to them in order to deliver smooth and successful events.

Imagine being connected to your important data at any time. Whether you want to look up contact details, phone numbers or find out about clients’ event histories. All you need is an internet connection and your laptop or mobile device. You simply log in to your event software via your browser wherever you are. Sound like a dream? It is possible thanks to cloud computing.

2. Accuracy Thanks to Real-Time Data

Forget that "daily-4pm-function-sheet" that will be out-of-date soon. If your data is constantly updated in one place and accessible through the internet, there is no need to print out event data. And that gives you so much more flexibility with client wishes and short notice changes.

Real-time data comes with another major benefit: It is reliable. Every item that you order until the very end of the event is captured and therefore invoiced.

3. No IT and Hardware Worries

Really, you don't need to be a tech expert to work with the cloud. You can put your mind at rest and let others take care of IT. There are savvy people at the "end of the line" making sure you can work efficiently and assuring data security at any time.

Not having to maintain an internal IT infrastructure is a big opportunity to save money. We often hear about time and resource constraints when speaking to our clients. It is very difficult for event organisations to find the time to maintain an internal technical department.

If the thought of simply opening your browser, logging in and immediately being connected to your client and event data makes you happy? Then you should consider moving to the cloud and choosing the easy and efficient way of managing events.


Using your event software in the cloud will help you to

  • Save time
  • Quickly react to client enquiries
  • Be very flexible with client needs, wishes or special requirements
  • Easily handle short notice changes

Do it like Kent: Would you like to read how the team at Kent Event Centre is working with cloud-based event management software? Download the Success Story here!

If you have any further questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.