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5 Reasons Corporate Facilities Need Online Space Bookings

Internal meetings and events are essential to the success of any company. From staff meetings to internal training sessions, client presentations, and team-building activities, high-performing teams rely on a wide range of events to collaborate with their colleagues. As a result, companies need to provide functional meeting venues, conference spaces and other facilities where staff and stakeholders can host regular meetings and events.

Working with corporate facilities across the globe, we have witnessed the challenges that organisations experience when they don’t have the right systems in place. Furthermore, we understand how important it is to increase utilisation of events and meeting facilities now that staff are returning to work.

Our Online Space Booking solution was purpose-built in response to the demand for a streamlined, self-service approach to online bookings. The bookings portal removes the stress of managing corporate facilities by empowering users to search for venues, check availability, make bookings, choose catering and equipment, then process payments.

Since its launch in 2020, it has become the preferred bookings solution for corporations worldwide, including Lendlease, Accenture, and ETC Venues. Below we have highlighted the top five reasons companies choose Online Space Bookings to manage their corporate facilities and rooms.

1. Staff & stakeholders can make and manage bookings in their own time

Many organisations rely on outdated and inefficient booking processes for internal event spaces and meeting rooms. For example, staff or stakeholders may be required to submit a booking request, wait for someone to confirm availability, and then book. These manual booking processes are time-consuming and act as a deterrent for potential bookings.

Online Space Bookings empowers staff and stakeholders to check availability and manage bookings in their own time–even outside of business hours. This self-service approach reduces unnecessary administration and improves efficiency, resulting in valuable time savings for your business.

2. Live availability reduces booking conflicts and maximises utilisation

Our online booking solution provides real-time availability, which accelerates the booking process, reduces the risk of booking conflicts and, more importantly, maximises opportunities for space utilisation. The powerful search tool allows users to specify their venue criteria, and if their preferred space is unavailable, they can search for an alternative time or choose a different room.

3. Encourage team collaboration for all staff with virtual facilities

COVID19 has changed the way people work. Despite restrictions lifting in many countries, employees continue to work from home or have negotiated permanent hybrid working arrangements with their employers. To cater for these new flexible working arrangements, companies need to find new and different ways of encouraging team collaboration for all on-site and remote staff.

Online Space Bookings allows users to add audiovisual and virtual conferencing equipment to their booking to ensure all employees can participate from wherever they are working. Furthermore, the system can prompt users to book mandatory packages for certain venues or suggest optional substitutes if the user’s preferred equipment is unavailable.

4. Streamline catering orders

Online Space Bookings makes it easier and quicker than ever to manage catering orders for corporate meeting rooms. All catering options are presented on the bookings system with pictures and clear menu descriptions, so users can select their preferred catering options. Users can also add delivery or pick-up details that can be sent to the caterer with all relevant event information they need to prepare the order.

5. Offering Meeting Spaces for Key Clients & Other VIP Stakeholders

Some companies incentivise key clients and stakeholders by allowing them to use their function rooms and other facilities for their own business meetings and other small meetings and events. To do this, they can use an external Identity Provider (IdP) to enable Single Sign-On and provide restricted access to their online booking sites. With restricted access, external users can check availability and make room bookings for specific venues without impacting their internal meetings and events.

Want Advice From A Corporate Facilities Expert?

Our team of experts are available to help you find effective ways of transforming your booking processes with digital solutions. Contact us today to find out how online bookings can help streamline your booking processes.