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7 benefits of cloud computing for your event organization

7 benefits of cloud computing for your event organization

Cloud-computing is taking over the world with about 94% of global enterprises using cloud services to manage their workloads. Companies are massively turning to cloud solutions to store and manage their data, and the event industry makes no exception.

Many event organizations now rely on centrally stored event and client data across all departments, including sales and marketing, event management, operations as well as accounting and finance.

Using a cloud based solution presents many advantages. We combined the top 7 benefits of using a Software as a Service (SaaS) for your event management system:

1. Reduced IT cost: As you will require less time for maintenance, your IT team can focus on important tasks, such as process improvement rather than fixing issues. When managed in the cloud, software solutions get regularly updated with the latest release. Your organization always has the latest version available while the IT department is spending their time on what matters.

2. Business continuity: In today’s world, we work in a flexible, agile and increasingly spontaneous environment. When running a business, we need to be prepared for anything to avoid unexpected downtime in case of unforeseen events.

The recent pandemic that has impacted our global economy has led many venues and event organizations to rethink their internal processes and move away from their legacy on premise systems to maintain business continuity.

Cloud-managed services give you this peace of mind: They come with excellent security frameworks that will ensure your business continuity is in a healthy shape. At the same time, you have the freedom to work from numerous places, for example at home, in co-working spaces or alternative offices with easy access via an internet connection.

3. Data security: Data security is key for any event organization’s business success. Despite ongoing concerns around data security in the cloud, such services have proven to be much more reliable than most on premise solutions.

Cloud-managed services therefore underlie strict security guidelines: Disaster recovery and back-up regulations ensure data is safe while a solid threat management prevents event and client data from being harmed in any way.

4. Scalability: As your event business grows, the demand for additional resources may arise at some point. Thanks to the Cloud, it is easy to add to the size and power of your event management system, for example additional users and storage space.

Your IT department will appreciate this task being less time-consuming for them compared to an in-house and on premise installation of your event management solution.

5. Automatic updates / Innovations: New releases, additional functionality, patches, and updates - the list of potential improvements and innovation in any IT system is long.

6. Flexibility / Mobility: Your event managers and operation team are always on the go and rarely at their desktop. With a Cloud-based solution, you give them the opportunity to access the system at any time, from anywhere. Whether they are onsite or offsite, they will always stay on top of their tasks with up to date information added on the go.

7. Productivity: A central database provides updated information in real-time and may improve productivity and collaboration across all departments. Every team member has access to the latest information and no one is left behind. Whether on-site, on the road or in the office - all departments can rely on one source of truth.


Cloud services have become the new normal for the past 5 years. Moving your event management solution to the cloud comes with numerous advantages. Your provider can take care of compliance and security for your organization, thus helping you refocus on your internal IT requests and needs.