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Ungerboeck Software Helps Staff at the Executive Conference Center at Liberty Center Stay Up to Date and Organized

With over 9,000 square feet of sleek, modern meeting space, The Executive Conference Center at Liberty Center needed integrated software that could be implemented quickly. With rooms of varied configurations, it also needed a system that was flexible. Ungerboeck Software was the solution.

“My timeline was really short. And Ungerboeck hit everything pretty much on the mark,” said Jason McClellan, Conference Facilities Director for the Executive Conference Center at Liberty Center.

Ungerboeck’s Client Services team had Ungerboeck Software up and running at ECC in less than a month – truly a fast implementation from discovery to completion.

“We came from a completely Outlook-based calendar. Sometimes the information would be accurate, sometimes it wouldn’t. There wasn’t really a way to track anything or to prevent anyone from double booking a room,” McClellan said. After getting set up in Ungerboeck, the ECC was able to catch double bookings that were already on the calendar.

Ungerboeck is the only event management software with a sales-focused CRM system, and on Ungerboeck’s fully integrated system, customer and event information flows seamlessly to and from the sales, service and operations teams. With one fully integrated system, ECC staff members are always up-to-date and informed on the progress and communication for events. Having everyone on the same page allows staff to work more efficiently and to provide excellent customer service.

“The software helps us to better utilize our time by pushing out some of the calendar features and the online features to the general public via a new website, and also pushing it out to other employees within our organization so that they could do those types of tasks online. Ungerboeck also has helped us get organized better from a staffing perspective with being able to look at one sheet of paper and know what’s going on for a meeting for its duration,” McClellan said.

Ungerboeck’s reporting features have provided new opportunities for revenue tracking for the ECC. “Before, we could only get numbers that told us our gross revenue,” said McClellan. With Ungerboeck Software, the ECC can review their revenue on a granular level and analyze their key areas of revenue generation and opportunities for growth.

With modules available to handle CRM, Booking, Event Management and Accounts Receivable, organizations like the ECC are able to provide exceptional service to their clients and attendees by using Ungerboeck Software.

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