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A Framework for Reimagining Spaces

For the last year, we have reimagined how we work, connect, play, and do business.

We’ve transformed—and the transformation is ongoing. This is especially the case for venue professionals, who have been faced with this question: how can they leverage their physical, illiquid assets—buildings and spaces? While they may have a clear purpose and function in the near future, in our current “new normal” they can also slow innovation and adaptation.

The AMS Planning & Research and VenueOps teams spent the last year thinking with venue professionals about how to transform space, strategy, and business practices to align with purpose. We’ve developed a framework which helps facilitate future conversations related to collaborative planning between programming and operations teams, artistic and strategic planning, positive relationships with recurring space users and community partners, reactivation of existing venues, and creation of new spaces.

We believe venue professionals who intentionally align their spaces with a clear purpose can deliver value to users, attendees, and communities. We hope this framework and guiding questions support you and your team.

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