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Benefits of Software-Based Event Planning

What tools are you using to manage your events? If you are not using a dedicated event management software, you are probably regularly faced with this challenging situation: you’re using a large number of Word and Excel documents to manage information that is duplicated between them. When delegates change their travel plans, names change or cancellations occur, stress and confusion abound as you scramble to update multiple documents.

Organizing events without a dedicated event management software can create a lot of additional work and frustration. We are often asked by event mangers who handle their entire event organization with tools such as Excel and Word, “Does your event management software simplify our daily work?”. Let us explain why it is such a beneficial tool.

Easier data management

Consider the average amount of time it takes to administer the countless individual documents that you use to manage your business. Your files need to be kept in sync and organized, with regard to both content of the documents and the layout of the directories in which they are stored. And each document can only be accessed by one person at a time. This is time consuming for you and your colleagues to keep track of all of your event related tasks and guarantee the smooth coordination of an event.

This is where event management software provides a powerful advantage - users benefit from a centralized, integrated database. When information is changed by one user, everyone can access that information and to create the lists and reports they need, including name badges, registration confirmations, and rooming lists for hotels. Documents are always up-to-date with the latest modifications, and the different parties involved can easily be informed about changes. Using an event management software with one integrated database supports event managers by providing consistent data and reducing the time that is needed to create required documents and lists.

Increased efficiency

A further advantage of professional event software is that organizational workflows are available in the system and can be adapted to your specific needs. Certain processes can even be automated. For example, by adding functions in the software and then adding resources to those specific functions, an event run sheet can be automatically generated in multiple variations, for internal use, for your client, etc. A well-organized user interface helps you to keep track of the most relevant details. Customer relationship management, marketing activities, quotes and contract management, checklists, and run sheets are just a few of the functionalities an integrated event management software solution offers to facilitate your daily work.

Some event managers wonder, “What is the return on investment of a dedicated event management software? Most people are familiar with Word or Excel, and you need time to get used to a new software tool.” This is only partially true. It’s true that users will need time to become familiar with a new software solution. However, efficiency will dramatically be increased. Using a professional event management software takes away many of the mundane organizational and document management focused tasks, which allows you to focus on more important and challenging tasks, and to take better care of your customers. Finally, offering functionalities such as online registration and online credit card payment makes payment reconciliation easier and demonstrates a higher level of professionalism for your organization.

There are a lot of event management solutions in the market. It is definitely worth having a closer look at the options that event management packages offer and the benefits that go along with these. They offer solutions that save you time and hassle.