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Convention centers closing business
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Closing More Convention Business With Event Technology

We don't have to tell you that competition is fierce in the convention industry these days. With the pressure to close more business mounting every day, many convention centers are increasingly looking to event technology as a differentiator between themselves and their competitors. Check out how a few facilities across the country have been able to do it successfully!

Las Vegas Convention Center – Cell Phone Location Tracking

The technology being used to gather data and more effectively target marketing communications continues to get more innovative. The Las Vegas Convention Center is now one of the first to experiment with a brand new tool - smartphone tracking.

Much like you are able to use “heat maps” to see where visitors to a website are clicking the most often, smartphone tracking allows a convention center to generate “attendee maps,” which reveal where and when attendees are spending the most time. This has big implications for the industry. Revealing the locations on your floor that get the most foot traffic means that premium prices can be assigned to your most valuable space, or even that the way convention centers design their layout could be altered. It’s just another step in optimizing the functionality and success for every kind of convention and event. And when you can confidently show clients stronger data that demonstrates the value of your business, you can close deals more quickly and easily.

Florida State University – Integrated Event Management Software

In this industry, it’s important to keep your eyes focused on the future. Upgrading facilities, offerings and staff are just some of the most common goals. But with new upgrades, come new challenges. Many convention center teams find that they need more robust technology solutions to help them manage the growing pains. That’s exactly what Florida State did when they adopted new software to get the most out of their reconstructed buildings.

Florida State implemented a comprehensive, integrated event management software solution to improve their staff’s ability to manage larger, more frequent events. They use an online component that customizes registration to each conference and integrates with Campus Solutions to set-up charges instantly. With the help of this new technology solution, they have eliminated the need for several different behind-the-scenes management systems and have been able to easily manage the kind of events that their newest, most advanced facilities attract.

R. David Thomas Executive Conference Center – Business Meeting Technologies

It’s been sung and said a hundred different ways – once you’ve had the best, you can’t go back to anything less. And the R. David Thomas Center located on Duke University’s campus has been discovering just how true that is for business conventions. They’ve been implementing all sort of new business technologies that make their clients wonder how they could ever go back to a simple hotel conference room.

Technology like Mimio boards, whiteboards that capture and save written images from the desktop, make business presentations more engaging and effective. The building features telesuite communication centers and even offers on-site pod-casting. Combined with the ability to meet nearly any request from rear projector screens to touch panel controls to smart boards, businesses have been increasingly willing to pay the difference between the R. David Thomas center and a hotel conference room. As a result, the center has been able to win more repeat business and referrals from their clients who simply can’t imagine using a building that offers anything less again.

This post was originally published on Social Tables.