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How To Create Memorable Events For Your Customers


The events business is about attention to detail. It’s those small details that align together to create memorable events. The venues that are able to do this well leave a strong impression to event planners and organizers around the globe. The ultimate goal of most venue is book more events and reduce costs. However, it’s almost impossible to build a reputation as a first-class venue without creating memorable events for your customers. Timely execution and meeting customer expectations are only part of this equation.

With a customer base of over 50,000 users that spans the globe, we are in a unique position to understand global trends on a very massive scale. Venues that are experiencing the greatest degree of success start with getting everything right. They capture all the details of every event or engagement and work backward from there. Let’s take a look at a couple of our clients and how they’re making these trends work for them.

create memorable events

Avoid Data Loss

During the initial planning process, it is important to capture all of the information needed. This proves that the business you maintain is professional and experienced in what is needed to be successful. This can boost a sense of reassurance to the client garnering trust so that follow-up emails and calls aren’t necessary.

Secondly, important details are not lost. When there is a single system used to collect specific information, there is a less of a chance that important information will fall through the cracks. As we mentioned before, it’s all about the details. Even when an event is lost, it is tracked with detail in the system to later evaluate trends to better determine areas that need improvement.

“(A single system) has helped us be more organized. It’s helped us do more with the same resources. When we bring on new event coordinators, they’re able to become more effective much faster than they might have otherwise. I wish we had made this step years earlier than we did. ”- Randy Brown, Vice-President and GM of Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Maximize Space and Time

Time efficiency is often the most important attribute for venue managers. Some of our most successful clients understand this inside and out. When new people start they train them up faster than most in the industry can. They have spent a lot of time and energy in their onboarding process. This prevents the risks that turnover can have on event businesses; which can often affect adoption and the use of systems implemented to make the business operate better.

It all comes down to creating opportunities to be more efficient; freeing up your entire business to do things like focusing on booking more events, and relationship building with customers. Ultimately, when everyone is on the same page, things work better. This starts with training and a relentless adherence to processes.

“…everyone works from one database and information is updated immediately. Thanks to information being accessible so quickly and easily, the team can work much faster. We can see great productivity gains in the team.” - Manuel García, CFO for Palexpo Exhibition and Conference Center, Geneva, Switzerland
“It (ineffective processes) was affecting employee morale because someone who is a good sales person is not necessarily a person who wants to sit at a desk and enter these details into software all the time. - Carol Foley, Convention Services Manager, Emerald Coast Convention Center, Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Each different facet of your venue requires data to make their jobs possible. It’s easy to fall into habits where each department acts as its own separate entity, but that is not at all the case for some of our most efficient customers.

In order to maximize results, each department should view themselves as part of the overall solution. The best and most successful way this can be done? Reduce the amount of systems and spreadsheets that are used. Venues benefit from transparency between different departments which allows for better lines of communication. The more one-off spreadsheets and systems that are used, the harder this is to create.

With each event, there is potential for reoccurring business and with each loss there is the opportunity to improve business processes. When the information is presented to employees there is more room for better, faster, and smarter decisions.

“Ungerboeck Software creates everything automatically, overnight. We have less data entry, everything is streamlined. The time savings alone made it clear: It was imperative to have this functionality. We were looking for software that could take us from the beginning to the end of event planning.” - Andy Krogstad, Managing Director of the Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, Minnesota

Create memorable events

To create memorable events, organizations must understand how to streamline their business first. When the correct information is captured from the start, there is more time to spend getting the details correct. When you have the opportunity to maximize the time of your staff, you’re promoting best practices and values instilled in training. And when there is a system that is used throughout your business, there is communication and organization. All of these facets come into play when making an event that is memorable.

Do you agree? Did we leave something out? Leave your comments below.