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Awards Night
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Drive Deeper Engagement in Virtual Events with Awards Ceremonies

Everyone likes to be recognized at work for a job well done. Not only does it build a positive company culture, but it also boosts employee motivation by letting people learn about their colleagues’ accomplishments. And for event planners, there’s a hidden bonus: Awards are an excellent way to make your virtual event more engaging. A fun awards ceremony lauding the best projects and products can provide inspiration for both you and your audience.

The Benefits of Recognition

It’s important – maybe now more than ever – to celebrate achievements. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused millions of employees to reevaluate their positions. A recent study by Microsoft found that 41% of the global workforce would consider leaving their current employer within the next year. Formal recognition is a powerful way to make people feel seen, recognized, and appreciated. Companies can use awards to engage and motivate their workforce.

An awards ceremony held on an online platform can still capture the celebratory mood of an in-person event. The pomp of an onsite ceremony doesn’t have to be lost when galas aren’t possible. There are numerous positives to running remotely.

The Pros of Going Virtual

Hosting a virtual awards ceremony has a lot of upside for you as event planner. First, a traditional in-person event includes costs like venue rentals, staff, catering, physical marketing materials, and travel accommodations.

Without these expenses, you can redirect your budget toward booking top speaking talent and reduce entry ticket prices. Lower prices can encourage participation from individual attendees and corporate sponsors.

Second, virtual events can be attended from literally anywhere in the world, making it easier to invite well-known influencers in your client’s industry to speak, perform, or judge. They also allow wider recognition for award winners since the entire audience will see them being awarded for their work.

And finally, you can easily record and share virtual award ceremonies across platforms for future marketing purposes and as a motivational tool for your client’s workers.

Tips for a Winning Strategy

Planning any live event requires time, effort, and a budget. A virtual award ceremony is no different. Most of your setup will involve choosing the technology you’ll need to host the event. Ungerboeck’s Competitions & Awards solution can help streamline the entire process, from submissions to judging. When the big-picture details like entry collection, submission management, and voting are taken care of, you can focus on the finishing touches that will make your event truly special. Try these ideas or some of the options listed here:

Promote the ceremony. Send invitations that showcase sponsors, judges, and speakers. Let your guests know what’s to come with a schedule. Be sure to send reminders a month, a week, and an hour before showtime.

Live stream. Live streaming lends timeliness and a sense of urgency to the awards gala. Attendees and other viewers can submit questions or comments in real time, giving them a good reason to watch what’s happening.

Encourage networking. Networking can suffer when face-to-face events go online. Fortunately, virtual events provide opportunities to connect via chat. Give people the ability to break into small groups by offering virtual breakout rooms to discuss a specific topic, listen to a particular speaker, or exchange contact information for future collaboration.

Notify winners. Things might run smoother if you brief finalists before the big day. This way, you can show them how to accept the award live during the event. Guide them through the technology to avoid potential problems.

Incentivize sponsorships. If you have sponsors, offer ways for them to show off their products or services. You could name an award after them, send emails announcing their message during the ceremony, or provide onscreen signage to advertise their organization.

A virtual events ceremony is an outstanding way to celebrate excellence and keep your audience engaged. With these tips, tricks, and tech solutions, your attendees will be popping bottles from the comfort of their own homes.