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Embracing Collaboration to Deliver Extraordinary Experiences

Salt Lake County Arts & Culture (SLCAC) operates four performing arts buildings around downtown Salt Lake City and has a fifth under construction in a nearby suburb. SLCAC is a venue that has embraced the mission of becoming a smart business venue.

With numerous events occurring at any one time, SLCAC’s staff has moved away from relying on multiple spreadsheets and countless email threads to a smarter system that fosters real-time collaboration. Whether they're working within one of their facilities or across multiple, the right information is at the employees’ fingertips all the time. No more digging through papers, spreadsheets, and emails. This streamlined process of information sharing leads to teams and individuals who are much more empowered and able to act quickly without navigating through lots of different channels or spending countless hours of unnecessary time waiting to hear back before they can make an informed decision.

The dissemination of information also benefits the community, local partners and external collaborators. Like many cities, Salt Lake is rejuvenating the downtown to establish an urban entertainment center. By sharing more real-time information publicly and with its partners, SLCAC can more actively participate in the city’s overall mission. “This process has strengthened the sense of community between all of us—local government, administrative entities, grassroots organizations, and the larger community.” - Liz Ferguson

The work that SLCAC is doing will lead to a future of delivering on their financial outcomes, creating a great workplace where empowered employees enjoy what they are doing and producing the most memorable experiences for visitors to all their performing arts centers.