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Embracing Engagement Opportunities at Your Next Event

I can hear Heath Ledger’s fantastic rendition of The Joker saying “Why so serious?”. We can take this line literally when it comes to event entertainment and engagement. Events shouldn’t always be serious; attendees need to be dazzled with a little excitement while still (convertly) exposing attendees to your company. Whether maximising upon this during the event or at a gala dinner, customer engagement is more than just taking photos of people sitting around tables talking. Sure, these are great as it captures people smiling (whether it’s a sincere smile or due to a few too many wines). But to take this opportunity one step further, we have a room full of clients/attendees, why not maximise this opportunity with an attention-grabber you can promote before, during and after the conference? Here are some engaging ideas to achieve the most from your event and attendees (that will get your attendees talking!):

Photo Booth

Photo booths have been around since the late ‘80s, whether they are use at a conference, wedding, party… the options are endless. But why do we STILL choose to hire a photo booth, and why do people gravitate towards them when they see them? Easy! Photo Booth + Props + Photo Prints = Memorable Experience! People find it entertaining to don a policeman’s hat, wrap a feather boa around their neck and hold a cardboard cut-out of a moustache above their mouth. The photo booth concept has evolved over time, these days’ photo booths have customised backdrops, theme-based props, open-style design (no more squeezing into a tiny booth), green screens for interchangeable backdrops, print-out and electronically-saved photos and they can even be customised with your company logo/event name on each photo. This allows your attendees to walk away with the fun memory in their pocket and sharing the photos via social media.

Just look at the fun time held by attendees (and employees) at our 2016 Global Conference in St. Louis, Missouri!

Video Booth Kiosks

Now, moving more into new technology. Similar to a photo booth, but instead of taking still photos, video booths are designed to capture, you guessed it, video footage! Why capture a single photo when you could record a short video of your attendees (think Big Brother diary room concept). The booth can display prompts and questions for attendees to respond to (i.e. what do you love about xyz company, what has been the best thing about the event so far), graphics they can pose next to, playable music and if you choose, props as well. You can entice attendees to use the video booth by advertising at the event: come and tell us what you love most about our solution for your chance to win…

Saving the best for last…

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Bringing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to life at events! The concept has been around for a few years, first becoming popular in the form of holographic reality of music legends such as Michael Jackson and Tupac. But thanks to Pokémon Go, AR made a huge splash this year, showing us just what can be done with technology. So how can we bring AR to our events? You can generate a virtual celebrity (actor, singer, sports player) at your event, who can interact and pose with attendees (not forgetting to have a customised backdrop to display your event/company logo). Depending on your budget, you can even take people to a new world with 3D VR, a completely computer generated environment (usually assisted with VR headset) that you can customise to fit in with your event’s theme. AR and VR has the ability to alter the way we discuss, interact and attend events, while being innovative and engagement driven. This will be one to look out for in the near future…!

And just a few more ideas on how to enhance your event…

Depending on your event theme, attendees (age range in particular) and budget, here are a few ideas to keep attendees engaged and guarantee a creative entertainment experience at your event:

  • Dance floor accompanied with live engaging music
  • Magician/mentalist performances
  • Cultural dancers (eg. Polynesian)
  • Celebrity tribute musicians to perform some hit songs
  • Comedian waiter
  • Casino tables
  • Fire dancers
  • Motivational speaker (that ties in with your event theme)
  • Simulator games

Just a few ideas to get your brain thinking.

Attendees love a bit of excitement at events, so why not give them an experience they can reflect back on for years to come, while providing event organisers ample opportunities to market this experience pre and post-event. Bring people something that they don’t get to experience every day. Be unique, be different, but above all, be creative and have fun with it!