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Event Trends and Technology 2021: Revive and Thrive After COVID

To revive your business and thrive in the post-pandemic world, it’s crucial to have the right plans, content, and precautions in place as you welcome guests back. A solid digital strategy, certification opportunities, and onsite rapid testing can all help to set up your business for success.

Digital Event Strategy

Be prepared for technology and digital marketing to play an even bigger part in event planning moving forward. Here are some ways to build a digital strategy that entices an audience to attend:

Create a compelling website. This is your one-stop shop for everything people need to know for the big day and goes beyond essentials like date, time, and agenda. Take it farther by including extras like keynote speaker clips, photo galleries, and promotional videos that offer a preview of what’s to come. Link to your social media channels and create buzz with a special event hashtag. Use key words throughout your website copy to boost search engine traffic and spread awareness about the event. A chat bot dedicated to FAQs can speed up support and increase customer satisfaction.

Pandemic-proof venue facilities. Go touchless wherever possible. Use self-serve check ins, digital signage, and contactless payments. It’s also important to partner with venue staff to ensure local health regulations are followed. Mobile to-do checklists can help staff members stay on top of sanitation and daily safety operations. You can even provide branded PPE for both staff and guests as a clever marketing strategy.

Automated communication. Health regulations can still change at any time, and those changes could affect your plans. If changes happen, let attendees know as soon as possible. Automated emails and text messages are fast and easy ways to spread the word. Include contact information in case people have questions. A mobile app that can send real-time push notifications is another great tool to have in your digital arsenal.

Certification and Education

People value educational content more than ever before – use it to make your event relevant. Recent studies show that 58% of the workforce needs to learn new skills to perform their jobs successfully. Career-building learning opportunities are in high demand and will set your event apart in a sea of similar offerings. Professional certifications and continuing education courses will be much appreciated by your attendees.

As long as you take steps to make your event safe to attend, holding hands-on courses can be profitable for you, plus add value for your audience. Research what topics and goals are most popular in your industry, then book experts to teach skills and speak about their own achievements. Offer learning tools that your audience can reference again later and share with their colleagues after the event, such as e-books, videos, and podcasts.

Onsite Rapid Testing

No matter how many precautions you take, there will still be people who don’t feel safe yet attending a face-to-face event. To build confidence, consider offering a fast way to test visitors before they even enter the venue with rapid testing pods.

The University of Denver, for example, has adopted rapid testing for COVID-19. Students, faculty, and staff report to a testing pod before participating in in-person activities. Results are ready in about 10 to 15 minutes. Venues should set aside space for the testing pods, plus have checkpoints to send high-risk people to wait for more instruction. Companies that specialize in onsite rapid testing can provide the necessary technology and advise you on best practices.

A strong digital strategy along with educational content and onsite rapid testing are some of the best ways you can revive your event business. It takes more diligence on the part of organizers to host a successful event, but the extra work is worth it for your guests, staff, and venue partners.