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Event Automation Series Part 1: What is Event Automation & Why Do Venues Automate Their Processes?

In the wake of COVID, the demand for events is greater than ever, but the industry is struggling to get back on its feet. From devastating staffing shortages with 69% of companies reporting a lack of skilled workers to ongoing supply chain issues, debts incurred during lockdowns, and increasing costs, the impacts of the pandemic are far from over. As a result, venues and event professionals must find new ways to streamline their processes and deliver profitable and enjoyable events.

At Ungerboeck, we have spent over 35 years developing technology to support venues and event professionals worldwide in managing their events. During that time, we have learned that no matter the industry or the type of event, there are six primary stages of managing a successful event and that automation can streamline each stage, simplifying the overall event planning process.

What is Effective Event Management?

The word " event " encompasses various social, cultural, and business occasions. From conferences to gala dinners, cocktail parties, board meetings, weddings, trade shows, live performances, sporting matches, community groups, and everything in between, while the content may differ, the process of managing events follows the same six-stage format.

The Six Stages of Effective Event Management

Six Stages of Effective Event Management

What is Event Automation?

Event automation is the practice of replacing manual event planning processes with technology. Event automation improves efficiency, consistency, and productivity by minimizing tasks that rely on human intervention and simultaneously reduces risk and error.

Why Do Venues Automate Their Event Management Processes?

Here are some of the key benefits venues experience by automating their event management processes:

  1. Accelerate Employee Onboarding & Ensure Business Continuity – Automation can support induction, onboarding, and training, ensuring consistency and continuity and leading to better outcomes.
  2. Increase Productivity & Reach Your Business Potential – Automation allows venues to reach their true business potential by giving staff tools to increase productivity and performance capacity.
  3. Boost Job Satisfaction & Employee Retention – Empowering your team with the right technology fosters performance and engagement, improving overall job satisfaction.
  4. Eliminate Manual Processes & Improve Efficiency – By replacing manual processes with automated technology, venues save time and money and, most importantly, free up their staff to focus on revenue-generating priorities.
  5. Improve Data Integrity & Gain Greater Insight into Business Performance – Centralize all information in a single source of truth, to ensure data is accurate and current, encourage interdepartmental collaboration and gain better business insights.
  6. Enhance Customer Experiences with Digital Touchpoints - Digital touchpoints allow venue teams to spend less time on administrative duties and more time on the things that matter–like delivering exceptional events.
  7. Deliver Safe, Profitable & Memorable Events! – Implementing the right systems to automate event management processes helps venues consistently deliver memorable events that are safe, fun, within budget, and that happen according to plan. As a result, venues improve customer satisfaction and nurture repeat business and potential growth! 

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