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Eventelligence Report: October 9, 2015

Welcome to the weekly Eventelligence Report! Ungerboeck is always on the hunt for industry insights, facts, stats, quotes and whatever else we come across that might be useful, and it would be such a waste for us to keep it all to ourselves! Here’s our pick of what’s hot this week. Enjoy!

Check These Event Stats

Event professionals cite security and safety as the most important factor when selecting an international destination. Successful Meetings


“Our product is memories–not booths.” – Bruce Mau, Founder, Massive Change Network

“There’s a way to do it better—Find it.” Thomas Edison, American Inventor & Businessman

Great Reads for Event Organizers

American Horror Story: Hotel, Real-Life Meeting Planner Edition
By Kelsey Ogletree, Collaborate
Halloween is fast approaching and these three hotel horror stories from living, breathing event planners just like you should be enough to get you in the spooky spirit!

Three Habits of Highly Effective Planners
By Elizabeth Zielinski, Meetings And Conventions
If there were a few habits that could make the difference between your personal success and failure in the industry, you’d want to know about them right? Of course you would! Luckily there are some common threads and they’re just a click away.

What Trade Shows Can Learn from IKEA
By Marlys Arnold, TSNN
Quick poll: Do you know anyone who doesn’t like IKEA? Me neither. Wouldn’t it be nice if people felt the same way about your show floor?

Travel and Bleisure: What Does It Mean for Meeting Organizers?
If you frequent our Eventelligence reports, you know I get a kick out of rising “trends” in the industry with catchy monikers. On that note, here’s the latest!

Great Reads for Venue Managers

An Art That Da Vinci Could Not Master
By Billy Langenstein, IAVM
It’s a problem that has confounded man for ages: crowd management. Are incentives the key to cracking the code?

Considerations For Green Cleaning
By Danette Reliford, Facility Executive
Maintaining a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment inside your venue and protecting and promoting the same goals for the environment outside your venue aren’t necessarily two objectives at odds with each other. Here’s a few tips to help you find a healthy common ground.

Venue Wi-Fi Standards & Internet Connectivity Template
By Tyler Bishop, Ungerboeck Software International
We hear it from our venue clients all the time: setting client expectations for Wi-Fi connectivity is a pain! In the interest of making your life a little bit easier, we’ve put together a template you can use as a guide to streamline this process into submission!

Congress ready to ban ‘pay for patriotism’ salutes at sports events
By Christoper Baxter,
Looks like taxpayer-financed salutes to U.S. troops at sporting events are headed the way of the Dodo.