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Eventelligence Report: September 25, 2015

Welcome to the weekly Eventelligence Report! Ungerboeck is always on the hunt for industry insights, facts, stats, quotes and whatever else we come across that might be useful, and it would be such a waste for us to keep it all to ourselves! Here’s our pick of what’s hot this week. Enjoy!

Check These Event Stats

Except for the very young (16-24 year olds), the older your target audience, the earlier they will register for your event. IAVM

According to a recent study, the average salary for women in the events industry is ~24% lower than men. PCMA


“As long as attendees are informed, entertained and fed, event hosts can keep them engaged for days.” – Corbin Ball, Events and tradeshow technology analyst

Great Reads for Event Organizers

The Weight Of Your Pages Matters
By Ernie Smith, Associations Now
It’s not just Google that wants your website to load quickly. Your users are getting increasingly picky about it too! Find out what’s behind the sudden push for smaller file sizes and how to strike a balance that works on your site!

5 Ways for Women to Boost Their Events Career
By Kelli White, Event Manager Blog
Given the statistic above, if you’re a lady looking to get ahead in this industry, you’re probably eager for anything that might give you a leg up. Here’s a few tips to help you blaze your path!

The Solution to Being More Productive—At Work & At The Gym
By Vanessa Golembewski, Refinery29
Further proof that you can create a clever catchphrase for anything, the “sweatworking” trend has officially arrived. Find out what it is and how you might be able to incorporate it into your next event.

Does Your Event Need an Exhibit Floor Makeover?
By Christina R. Green, Event Manager Blog
Exhibitors and attendees play equally important roles in the success of a conference or trade show, but how do you please two audiences with such different objectives on the same show floor? Here’s a few ideas.

Great Reads for Venue Managers

EMV, Mobile Wallets, and Generation Z
By Jason Judy, IAVM
Don’t let the title fool ya, there’s some can’t miss info in this post about some major changes coming to POS technology and fraud liability that you’re going to want to hear!

Why Create A Single Campus Events Database?
By Tammi Hilton, Ungerboeck Software International
It takes a small army to coordinate all the moving pieces involved with managing space at a college or university. Here’s something to help you bring a little more order to the ranks.

Offshoot of Senior Housing Has Retirees Going Back to School
By William Travers, Auction.com
That busy army of venue and events managers in higher education may soon have an additional population to serve. Check out how senior citizens are literally moving in on some campuses across the country.

MLB studying increased fan safety measures
By Noah Frank, WTOP
As professional baseball fans and venues continue to struggle with questions around stadium safety concerns, Major League Baseball itself is taking a closer look at the issue.