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Food trucks
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Fighting Dark Days With Food Trucks

Fighting Dark Days With Food

Persistent holes in your event calendar certainly can be a problem that only feels solvable via an epic Dunkin Donuts binge, but that’s actually not the suggestion I’m making when I say you can fight back against dark days with food. Though there will be opportunity to indulge in some tasty treats, the solution I’m thinking of has less to do with your personal dietary habits or strategies for coping with stress so much as piggybacking on a wildly popular trend to solve a tenacious challenge.

venues food truck

That’s right, food trucks could be just the kind of effective, valuable (and delicious!) addition you need to complete your dark days strategy.

Not convinced? Here’s a few points to consider:

  1. The food truck industry has an estimated 2.7 Billion in projected revenue by 2017
  2. Those aged 25-34 are the largest consumers of snacks from mobile vendors, spending an average of $44/month on these purchases

As an industry that relies entirely on crowds and hot spots for survival, food trucks and venues are practically a match made in heaven! Even better, popular trucks often have a dedicated and sizeable fan base that faithfully tracks their movements and is willing to follow wherever they lead. Whether you’ve added a lineup of food trucks to your next scheduled event or organized one around the trucks themselves, there is great opportunity to capitalize on this built-in crowd and capture some peripheral buzz.

A great example of a venue that has successfully done both, the Saint Louis Art Museum has played host to a popular summer film series on their front lawn for the past several years. These free events screen classic and popular movies on Friday evenings and are complimented by a rotating lineup of local food trucks. The museum has even managed to get in on the action themselves with the presence of their own food stand that sells alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and snacks with an incentive of free popcorn for museum members.

I’m not suggesting that food trucks will save you from the scourge of dark days single-handedly, but they just might be an easy way to help chip away at the issue. For larger, long-term strategies and a few ideas to squeeze revenue out of dark days themselves, download our latest EBook. Have any other strategies to share? Leave them in the comments!