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Allen County

Overcoming Friction & Breaking Down Silos

Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne Indiana encompasses a 13,000-seat Arena, 152,000 square foot Expo Center, and 120,000 square foot Conference Center. It holds a variety of events throughout the year including entertainment, athletic, educational, and business-related events.

However, their event planning and execution was far from flawless. In the venue’s lobby, the directory screens caused considerable friction for visitors. Capturing content and pushing it to displays for each event resulted in major headaches across the organization, creating a lot of additional work for staff and confusion for venue attendees.

Following a series of improvements, monitors now pull real-time data provided by planners and promoters and seamlessly push it to venue staff and the lobby screens. Nathan Dennison, Vice President of Sales at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, illustrates it the best, “digital signage feeds are not new to venues by any means—we needed them to be smarter. We have achieved that by storing information centrally and configured the system to automatically push information to all internal teams, and critically, to our guests. This is one way that we have become a smarter venue.” This immersive data platform creates the ability to execute across the venue, allowing for the best guest experience.

Plus, it doesn’t end there. Allen County War Memorial’s next phase will be providing more self-service options to their Suite experiences. “We are excited to be extending centralized collaboration and communication portals to our premium seating customers tying together ticketing, catering, updates, merchandise sales, and more” says Nathan.