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How Performing Arts Centres Become Data Heroes
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How Performing Arts Centres Become Data Heroes

Let’s face it, there are countless entities involved in planning and executing an event. It all starts with a vision, on how you want the event to go, along with your goals and objectives. From here there will be discussions around budget and possible revenue, predicted attendee numbers, and building your event planning super team. Once the event planning is in full swing, the management of important information is crucial and needs to be treated as such. Details for the venue contact, deadlines, entertainers, additional event staff, catering, A/V… the list goes on.

Leverage the power of your event data through portals

All event planning information needs to be transparent and easily accessible to all those involved in the planning and execution. A poorly thought-out system is the last thing event planners need when it comes to preparing and implementing flawless events. Miscommunication often leads to operational inefficiencies and decreased customer satisfaction. Without a well-constructed system, your event planning team will be all over the place, deadlines may be missed, the contact details for the caterer are missing as your co-worker is off sick. There needs to be one central portal that engages with all stakeholders in real-time, assisting with improving communication and productivity.

The answer could be a versatile digital platform that unites all relevant data and can be used by all teams across the organisation giving them access to everything they might need to plan and execute standing ovation-worthy events. Whether it’s supplying event stakeholders with all the event information from one central location, down to providing a quick snapshot of todays’ event calendar or contact details for the caterer, the central platform should be seen as a tool to ease event execution for everyone.

The Ungerboeck Hub, a responsive, internal, cloud-based portal, designed to improve communication and display important event details to all event stakeholders.

An internal event portal to unite all data

Ungerboeck provides a state-of-the-art portal to store and share relevant event data with other teams and partners: The “Ungerboeck Hub” is customisable to your brand, has the functionality and flexibility to display a filterable and clickable event calendar (for events that day, or in the future), and has the capability to store and present key event information (such as high-level event details, functions, service providers and event contacts, documents and notes).

This ingenious web portal was developed to digitally collate all event information and supply it from the one location in real-time. The Ungerboeck Hub improves operational efficiencies by supplying one simple, easy-to-use tool that can micromanage and engage staff and minimise miscommunications. Technology is forever evolving and changing the way we perform our tasks, and having the correct tools is key to engaging all event stakeholders by putting them front and centre of each and every event.