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Universities square peg round hole software
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How to Avoid “Square Peg in a Round Hole” Campus Event Scheduling

Are you a campus scheduling rebel? Are you the event or venue manager at your college or university who is using a different system from the other departments to coordinate your events? You might be a square-peg-in-a-round-hole event scheduler…

Or are all of the departments at your college or university using their own systems? Perhaps your campus is filled with square-peg people all trying to shove their events into a round-hole scheduling system! Oh, dear.

Wikipedia tells us that the “square peg in a round hole” idiom describes the “unusual individualist who could not fit into the niche of his or her society.” That’s a bit extreme, but here’s how I would adapt the expression to campus scheduling:

A “square peg in a round hole event scheduler” is a person who schedules events or manages a venue for a college or university and has to deal with the unfortunate shortcomings of trying to adapt their business processes to a system that wasn’t made to fit their needs.

Sounds frightening. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Campus scheduling that suits your needs


Like many colleges and universities, you probably have different departments each using their own system for managing events and booking space within the various venues. The system they use in the school of business is different than the one they use in the library, and so on. Some use sophisticated systems, others seem to fly by the seat of their pants with cumbersome printouts and event binders.

Most of your customers don’t see each department as a separate entity. They see them as pieces of a larger organization and they expect the same experience when dealing with each department. By adopting a fully integrated software system – and using it in multiple departments – you’re able to offer a more seamless, and consistent experience to students, faculty, alumni, parents, and third party groups.

Imagine: All-in-one software to schedule events, manage operations, and more

There are so many benefits to be had! With integrated software, your college or university could feasibly:

  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Move away from a disjointed method of event scheduling
  • Book classroom space and collaborate with the Registrar’s office
  • Get real-time information
  • See available space and book that space without duplicate efforts and management approvals holding up the process
  • Streamline processes for on- and off-campus entities to secure space and services
  • Avoid calling multiple people to get multiple answers to a question, and then coordinating all the responses
  • Alleviate frustration and stop wasting precious time

By bringing together multiple departments across your campus, you can deliver a consistent experience from event operations to catering and everything in between. Not to mention the many benefits you get from reliable reporting when data is input into a single system. And, with an event-specific financial package, you could send invoices directly from the system – allowing you to provide audit-ready, event specific financials to your institutions accounting department – which will make them happy!

Many colleges and universities are experiencing the benefits of a single software system


One example of an institution that realized all of these benefits is Marquette University. With a student body of over 11,000, Marquette achieved smoother operations and made advances toward total campus software integration by utilizing a single system for scheduling classes, building maintenance, catering, managing events and billing. They started with three departments, and now 17 departments use the same software, including the Registrar’s office, Events Management, Catering, Law School, Library, Department of Public Safety, Facilities & Services, College of Nursing, Marketing Communications, and Performing Arts.

As their Associate Director of Event Management, Annette Conrad, stated, “It was imperative all information to be housed in one place so that it was archived, in a consistent language, and trackable. It’s impossible to execute flawless events with disconnected software.” You can access the full Marquette University success story by clicking here.

You don’t have to put up with a system that doesn’t work for you

Take the first step toward better campus communications, scheduling, reporting, and event results by investigation a single software system made for colleges and universities. And, stop settling for a square-peg-round-hole approach!

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