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How to Maximize Venue Bookings

Venturing back into the world of onsite events is becoming a reality for many event planners. But even the most fearless planners need to be sure that their chosen venue has solutions in place to support a seamless (and safe) experience for their attendees, who might not be quite as confident.

Venue managers want event organizers to feel good about booking with their venue, and audiences to feel good about attending the event. Here’s how you can maximize your venue event bookings.


Even in the best of circumstances, that old saying, “The Show Must Go On” isn’t always true. Sometimes things happen that make it necessary to move the date of an event or even cancel it completely. Times are still uncertain, and venues need to be flexible to support planners who find themselves in this situation.

Ungerboeck provides a step-by-step game plan for the most common cancellation scenarios that can ease the minds of event organizers. This includes a standardized cancellation process, email templates, and tools that perform necessary financial transactions, such as transfers or refunds.

An online space booking platform can also give you more flexibility. Ungerboeck offers a self-serve portal that takes your booking and request process online. Your customers can check venue and space availability, provide event details, and make bookings quickly and easily.


Venue managers need to be creative to encourage customers to book onsite events. Consider exploring new hybrid experiences, inventive promotional tactics, and find new avenues of revenue for your food & beverage services.

Hybrid events. The trend of hybrid event formats has risen in the last year, and venues need to be prepared to adapt. Attract new customers by transforming your venue into a “one-stop shop.” This means everything from a TV studio-like environment with broadcast equipment, to online streaming with real-time interactions. Our software and support teams can guide you as your venue adopts these cutting-edge features that will become more and more essential to your business.

After you’ve upgraded, demonstrate how you benefit from the investment. Event planners want to know how the new technology, team education, and staff certifications have paid off so they’ll feel confident choosing your venue. Put together a PDF or video presentation with statistics and examples.

New ways to promote. A virtual tour is a great way to promote your venue to potential customers planning a future event but can’t go onsite to see it in person. It is also a good way to showcase how you embrace technology and make use of it to adapt to the new environment.

Promoting customer loyalty programs can secure repeated bookings. After a successful event, ask for customer feedback and offer incentives to build loyalty. Our space booking management system makes it easy to communicate with your customers and collect feedback.

You can also try promoting special package deals during slower months. If your bookings tend to slow down over the summer, for example, offer summer party packages to attract more business.

Catering boxes. Another valuable source of revenue for many venues comes from food and beverage consumption. As onsite events work with smaller capacities, consider offering catering boxes delivered to remote attendees who can’t make it to your venue in person. Here’s an example from Doltone House.


Event planners want state-of-the-art venues, and that goes beyond technology alone. Contemporary marketing and sustainability efforts are two more ways you can attract customers.

Sustainability. Make your venue eco-friendly by staying up to date with current sustainability trends. You can do this by avoiding plastic, installing water-reduction devices in restrooms, and implementing a waste management system that collects and sorts recyclable items. If you serve food, use local suppliers, and donate leftovers. Conserve energy by utilizing windows and LED lighting. Learn best practices from the world’s greenest venues.

Marketing. Today’s shoppers find products and services in non-traditional ways, and event planners are no different. Updating your marketing practices can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to boost your bookings.


Attendees need to feel safe, and event planners need to be sure you’ve got them covered. Let the world know that your venue has an approved COVID-safe plan and provide guidelines to organizers. Make sure your plan is easy to find on your website or social channels, and that it clearly highlights all the measures in place. Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre provides detailed information about hosting events in the venue under the new regulations.

Ungerboeck can help you optimize your venue so that everyone feels comfortable gathering onsite with a range of safety solutions aimed to facilitate visitor tracking, social distancing, and venue sanitation.

Maximizing your venue bookings means building confidence in potential customers by offering flexible, creative, modern, and safe ways to bring their events to life. There’s an incredible amount of optimism within the industry that we’ll be able to gather again soon. Is your venue ready?