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IMEX Frankfurt 2018 Event legacy she means business event tech and innovation
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IMEX Frankfurt 2018 preview

IMEX Frankfurt 2018 Preview

The Imex is just a few days away and the Ungerboeck team is excited to return to Frankfurt. This is our 15th consecutive year exhibiting at Imex and we are thrilled to once again be part of one of the leading exhibitions in the events and meetings industry.

Here is what we are most looking forward to.

Event Legacy - Marketing in a post GDPR world

With the GDPR compliance deadline fast approaching, on May 25th to be exact, everyone this affects is busy with preparation work. In many conversations over the past couple of months I have heard a lot about the challenges and additional work that is related to it. Internal processes need to be reviewed. Software providers need to make sure that their solutions are GDPR compatible. Read more here to find out what Ungerboeck is doing to ensure that our clients are able to comply with the new regulations or watch a recorded webinar.

Reading through the main show themes of Imex made me think that there could be a positive effect of GDPR for the event industry. One of the main talking points at Imex this year is Legacy. Legacy is about planning events with longer-lasting more meaningful impacts. The goal is to produce engaging, inspiring and enjoyable events with long-lasting positive outcomes. It is no secret that budgets for live marketing and events are strongly competing with other marketing activities.

In a post GDPR world marketing decision makers will stay away from untargeted mass marketing activities. The value of a business card collected at an events will increase. Events allow a personalized marketing approach. You cannot track decision makers online easily, but they do attend events. Personal conversations and interactions at events help understand the needs and challenges of future customers. As a marketing decision maker, I am more likely to spend money on leads that are qualified, in the best case, with strong interest. If event planners and organizers manage to offer ROI positive events, GDPR will have a positive impact on the demand for events.

She Means Business

While there are lots of women working in the events business, women in leadership roles are a minority in the industry’s workforce. As part of the EduMonday program, the Imex Group and tw tagungswirtschaft are initiating a new conference on challenges and issues women face. “We're delighted to be launching She Means Business with the IMEX Group. We believe the sharing of experiences and opinions is the most powerful way for women to talk to each other and to men, to encourage working together to achieve diversity and gender equality,” Kerstin Wünsch, Editor-in-Chief, tw tagungswirtschaft.

Starting with an article in tw tagungswirtschaft last year and the results of a survey on women in the event industry, this topic has generated great interest since the last Imex. I am thrilled to see that in addition to the Pink Hour that takes place on Tuesday at 4pm at Imex there is a whole afternoon dedicated to interesting sessions and roundtables at the She Means Business Conference on Monday.

Event Tech and Innovation

The event industry has been transforming in the past 15 years along with event technology. When discussing new ideas and innovation, this often relates to event tech and digital tools. Event Tech is therefore another main talking point at Imex. Digital transformation is discussed in all industries and it has also arrived in the event industry. What is the difference now to 15 years ago?

Digitization is not new. The event industry has been using software and online tools for many years. In the past what was in hard copy, i.e. registration forms or exhibitor handbooks etc. have found their way to the internet. The processes were mostly the same, they have just been digitized. What is different now is that we are changing the way we are working together, internally but also with customers and suppliers. We now live in an age where new ways of communication, collaboration and knowledge transfer are important. What the customer and specifically the new generation asks for is self-service and personalization.

I see a focus shift from optimizing the “backoffice” tool for the “backoffice” users to enhancing the digital customer experience. The customer journey of delegates and exhibitors and organizers is more important than ever. In portals that allow collaboration and communication there is an extension of the of event experience happening, before and after the event. We will be talking about these topics at Imex and have prepared multiple sessions and lots of good stuff for you. If you want to continue the discussion with the Ungerboeck team, please join us at Imex, stand D765.

While being fascinated by technology and digitization I am convinced that we will be attending events in 50 years from now, in some way or another. For me “digital plus live” is one of the key strategies in marketing and live communication.