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Integrated Software Improves Event Management & Registration Process for Continuing Education Center

The Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education has been educating physicians, nurses and medical professionals all over the world for more than 75 years. Offering live and online courses, publications, special programs, and exhibitions at locations in the United States and around the world, the Center was looking for a solution that would provide a better experience with event management and registration.

The Center also wanted to improve processes and increase access for their staff to important reports, files, and communications. “After checking out six different vendors, Ungerboeck came out on top and we haven’t looked back since,” said Sarah Janesz, Director of Financial Operations for the Education Institute. “It’s really nice to have an integrated system that can do everything you need it to do.”

The Center found that integrated software made an impressive improvement to its staff’s daily work experience. Before Ungerboeck, only 2 or 3 people could access the Center’s system. Now the Center’s 85+ project coordinators have access to Ungerboeck, where all event and contact information is available.

Another big improvement was in reporting functionality and availability. The Center found their new end-to-end software so versatile, that staff no longer needed help obtaining information. “Ungerboeck created a ton of efficiencies. We don’t have to make custom reports for people anymore. They can go in and get what they need, and don’t have to ask for someone to do it for them. It’s definitely more efficient for our office and for the end user as well,” said Janesz.

The Center found Ungerboeck’s registration capabilities solved many issues. In addition to online registration improvements, Ungerboeck made the registration process much better with waitlisting, automatically emailed confirmation receipts, custom confirmations, and being able to utilize Lawson cost centers instead of POs for internal chargebacks. “The system is light-years ahead of the custom system we were using prior to Ungerboeck,” said Janesz.

The Center also created registration pages to conduct outcome studies on their attendees’ online activities. “They register, answer content related questions, are passed over to view the online activity, and then are auto-logged into our credit claiming system. We can then follow up with them to answer the questions we’ve set up within Ungerboeck at a later date to conduct the comparison. It’s all seamless,” explains Janesz. “It’s been very well received, and the best part is the quality of reporting metrics from it.”

The Center is using Ungerboeck to track their grants and exhibitions as well. They’ve begun using the online exhibitor functionality in Ungerboeck. “I seriously think it’s life changing. We used to have hundreds of spreadsheets that had different activity or events listings for our different grants and exhibits,” said Janesz. Once the Center put it in Ungerboeck, they were able to cross reference the different grantors, exhibitors or companies. They can now search by grant ID, scan and store the agreements in account folders, and check and update information.

“Ungerboeck makes our employees more knowledgeable, empowered and self-sufficient,” said Janesz.

The Center found Ungerboeck very responsive to its needs and highly interested in collaboration. “Ungerboeck is constantly working at making the software better. We’ve been the recipient of having some of our ideas submitted and come to fruition. It’s nice to see that their clients are important and that they take into account what clients are asking to be done,” said Janesz. “It’s not like we bought a system and we never talk to anyone again. It’s a relationship that you build over time.”

Ungerboeck’s integrated event management software was the right solution for the Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education. It helped them improve business processes and empower employees by making information available to everyone in one central location. “Ungerboeck is an integrated solution that has everything you need to be successful,” said Janesz.