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Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Becomes an Ungerboeck Venue

Ungerboeck Software International is excited to announce another of its latest Ungerboeck for Venues partnerships with Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

Since opening in 1997, the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre has been an icon for the performing and visual arts in the Peel Region of Western Australia. This striking venue, affectionately known as MPAC to locals, won a number of architectural accolades and serves as a cultural hub for the area’s diverse community.

Guy Boyce, MPAC’s energetic and forward thinking General Manager, has steered the centre through a period of dramatic growth. Increasing the venue’s schedule from 428 to 822 events annually, Guy recognised that the centre had outgrown its existing ad hoc system used for managing events and started the search for a new solution that was robust enough to consolidate its growth.

Guy Boyce and Pippa Davis, MPAC’s Operations Manager and a key driver of the software search, reviewed a number of event management software platforms, and their focus quickly honed in on Ungerboeck Software. Guy and Pippa visited Perth Theatre Trust and were excited to see how the organisation was using Ungerboeck Software. They were particularly impressed with how simply they could streamline their operations with a single solution, both front and back of house.

Guy also recognised that they needed to make use of all the spaces in the centre more strategically, including the venue’s extensive foyer, and he was pleased with how configurable the software is to meet their particular workflows and requirements.

Guy commented “Our selection of Ungerboeck Software to manage our ever-busier schedule of events was a pretty straight forward decision. The software demonstrations provided by the dedicated Ungerboeck for Venues team answered all the requirements put forward by Pippa, who drove this project for the centre.”

“We were also pleasantly surprised to discover the Ungerboeck for Venues Team’s willingness to help get our planned events set up in the system for us.” Pippa Davis responded.

“We really felt that Ungerboeck Software for Venues was best tailored for MPAC’s needs, taking into account the high level of activity in the centre.” Guy added.

Looking forward, Guy and the team are excited about Ungerboeck Software’s ability to integrate seamlessly with ticketing solutions in addition to the option to add Ungerboeck’s Financial Modules as the centre’s needs evolve. Guy expects that these integrations will help MPAC further increase its productivity which will reinforce the profitability of the centre.