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Marquette University & Ungerboeck - A Success Story

With a student body of 11,000, Marquette University is one of the largest Jesuit universities in the United States. Managing events, catering and billing could be arduous tasks without the right software. Luckily, they found Ungerboeck’s integrated solution.

“It’s impossible to execute flawless events with disconnected software,” said Annette Conrad, Associate Director of Event Management for Marquette. “It was imperative all information to be housed in one place so that it was archived, in a consistent language, and trackable.”

Marquette began using Ungerboeck software in 2005, and since then they have achieved a large part of their goal of total campus integration. They started 3 departments on the software at the time of implementation and now have 17 departments using it across campus. The process of scheduling events and meetings in academic classrooms with the Registrar’s office is a simpler process now that University departments are using Ungerboeck, as they have a central location to view spaces and to determine what is available. Also, the University is utilizing spaces to their potential, orchestrating better events and minimizing costs.

In addition to the organization and communication an integrated system brings, Marquette identified class scheduling, catering and reporting as areas of growth opportunity. Recreating menus and rate plans each academic year was an unnecessary process that slowed down the department, taking hours of precious time to override and reenter data, occasionally leading to incorrect information being keyed in, and ultimately affecting customers. The Marquette University Events Management department saves time using Ungerboeck. They no longer have to perform duplicate data entry and even the Executive Chefs in the catering department abandoned their manual processes to use Ungerboeck!

“They saw the potential of the Ungerboeck software,” Conrad explains, “And they knew it was worth their time to learn the software and to use it. They’re very excited to be rid of the manual processes from before, and love how quickly and accurately they can access data.”

Your organization can realize the same benefits and time savings as Marquette University has with Ungerboeck software. Integrated software users regularly experience a time savings of up to 75% by switching to integrated software from multiple other systems. Your organization can become more organized, cost effective, and revenue generating with Ungerboeck.

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