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Mobile Business Solutions Increase Sales for the Events Industry

How much more productive could your salespeople be if they had access to their customer data, follow ups, and sales opportunities on their mobile phone no matter where they are in the world? New mobile business solutions are readily becoming the most effective tool in a salesperson’s toolbox. Providing this service to your sales team makes your entire business more efficient and profitable.

As smartphones pave the way for around-the-clock communication, and iPhones revolutionize the way people use their mobile devices, there have been a stream of mobile applications developed for users worldwide. For the most part, mobile applications in the events industry have been designed for event attendees to browse content, post to social media, view conference agendas, etc.

Recently, specialized, and browser-based mobile applications have hit the market to make your business more efficient. Because salespeople tend to be the most mobile in organizations, the new solutions are focused on the needs of the sales team: instant access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. These applications keep salespeople connected to your organization while they are out of the office by giving them access to critical information at all times. Your salespeople will save time, as there’s no need to start up a computer and log in to a system when the information is instantly available on their mobile phone. The ability to quickly enter lead information, send emails and make phone calls using information from the system increases productivity, which leads to additional revenue opportunities.

The new Mobile CRM browser-based solutions also increase data accuracy, security and completeness in your system. You’ll receive the most benefit from a mobile CRM application if it’s used as a part of a fully integrated end-to-end system. With real-time updating, salespeople will be able to keep your database up to date with the latest contact information, follow-ups, and leads. In the unfortunate event that a salesperson leaves your organization, the latest data is in your system, not stored on their mobile device. This provides a higher level of security and control for your valuable contact information and eliminates scrambling to check for account updates if a salesperson is unavailable or parting ways with your company.

With the growing number of applications available, what should you be looking for when reviewing Mobile CRM applications?

Consider these qualifying questions:

  • Is the provider a stable business partner who will be willing to stand behind their products?
  • Is the provider planning for continuous improvement?
  • Is the application platform independent (browser-based) or a device-specific application?
  • Does it integrate with your office-based CRM and event management system in real-time?
  • Can you manage leads, opportunities, and follow-up reminders from the application?
  • Does the application have proven ROI for your organization?

When you empower your team while they are on the road, your entire operation becomes more efficient. By giving your sales team real-time access to the information they need on an integrated system, you eliminate time lost in the field tracking down information that is only available from the office, and you increase communication with other departments that are office-based.

Smartphones and other mobile computing devices are continuing to improve in quality, value, and adoption, making investment costs more palatable than ever before. Mobile business solutions have the potential to reshape the way people work and interact within the meetings and events industry. They will increase productivity, efficiency, security and revenues in your organization.