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Booking Spaces: The Wild West or a Dictatorship?

Is the "master calendar" at your museum or science center filled with so many holds that you need a separate calendar to know what is really happening?

Hosting a wide array of events is crucial to the success of your organization. You must have curatorial events that highlight exhibits; audience development events such as public programs, school visits, and member events; and rental events to generate revenue from the venue. The importance of each event type makes it all the more difficult to create a booking hierarchy.  

Gaining access to the venue's spaces can be challenging when so many staff members are invested in your organization's mission and the experiences they're creating. Some organizations let anybody book anything on the calendar and it's become like The Wild West. Or, like in a dictatorship, only one person can create bookings, the approval process is burdensome, and a bottleneck occurs.  

Your venue may experience additional challenges for two reasons:

1. Availability is hard to define without four walls and a door. You must factor in sound bleed, flow of traffic, and exhibits featuring sensitive content. Often, departments use their own systems to track schedules and different calendars, leading to a breakdown in communication.

2. Prioritizing an event differs depending on whether they're using a high revenue-generating space and/or using a high impact space, like a multipurpose elevator or hallway that’s blocked off for load ins, but the restrooms are located there.  

Ungerboeck's event management platforms and solutions can help break down department silos and streamline your operations. With Ungerboeck, you can:

  • Create one centralized event and venue management system to avoid double bookings and overstretching of inventory.
  • Provide a planned communication structure for room and resource requests, approvals, and anticipating issues.
  • Inform stakeholders of critical scheduling and operational details.
  • Aggregate data for full Profit & Loss, resource utilization, and demographics on communities served.

There is a balance between The Calendar Wild West and The Calendar Dictatorship, which differs for each organization. Ungerboeck's purpose-built platforms provide the tools and structure to create that balance. Ungerboeck's team members provide the expertise to build the workflow and tailor the platform to your organization's needs.